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Saturday, 21 April 2018


Merculet - The Ecosystem for Value Distribution for Internet Users THE ERA OF THE INTERNET OF VALUE 

Project name: Merculet
Token symbol: MVP
Hard cap: 37,000 ETH (21,000 ETH to be sold in presale, 16,000 ETH in public sale / ICO participants receive 30% of total tokens)
Conversion rate: 1 ETH = 70,000 MVP
Maximum market cap at ICO on a fully diluted basis: $64 million assuming current ETH price of $520
Bonus structure: 25% bonus for presale participants, with 5 month vesting period with 20% released every month
Presale or white list: Yes
ERC20 token: Yes
Countries excluded: China and USA
Timeline: Private sale ongoing (please refer to Merculet’s website for the most up-to-date information)
Token distribution date: 6 weeks following token sale completion

Project Overview
What does the company/project do?
Merculet aims to increase user adoption, retention, and engagement for enterprises through their Attention Value Network, and related supporting applications and components.

Attention Value Network: This is split into two main components; the User Attention Value (UAV) system and the Attention Incentive system. The UAV will serve as a tool to provide a reasonable valuation of a users’ attention relative to the business’ or entrepreneurs’ needs.

The Attention Incentive system will allow the business side to create UATs (User Attention Tokens) which will be awarded based on criteria met by the business. 

Since the Internet was born in 1991, it has grown rapidly and steadily, pulling off a slew of published data on the Internet and generating hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue for large companies. The Internet not only provides information but also brings many economic and commercial values ​​to multinational corporations like Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook, Twitter, ... Along with the development of the Internet, social networking was born that has had a great impact on our lives, it has changed a lot of things around us. We have been stolen a lot of personal information, time, mood and emotions by the social networks while we contribute to creating billions of dollars worth of big business.

So the question is, "How can we redistribute those economic values ​​for us?" Every time, every information, every emotion, every click... Is there any return value for us? To give the answer for this question, Merculet was born. The goal of Merculet is to reallocate  and distribute values to billions of internet users, consumers and businesses. What is Merculet? As mentioned above, the social networking platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter) are now worth hundreds of billions of dollars, which is created by the internet users based on the content and interaction between them. But all the money are flowing into the pockets of corporations, even we might be charged for what we have created.

How advanced is the project?
Merculet is going to have a close working relationship with MagicWindow, a company based in China specialized in user growth, scaling and retention.

It should also be noted that the majority of the key members of the Merculet team are also in executive positions in MagicWindow. Merculet also has strategic partnerships with Solo Ads, and ELEX.


  • Perfect User Attention Based Growth Methodology;
  • Design of Attention Value Network (AVN) System and Verification of POC;
  • MVP Token onboard;
  • Release AVN system β1 (including UAV system 1.0 & UAT system 1.0) & Application Market β1;
  • Content Open Platform Product Design;
  • At least one of the partners is onboard (ELEX), and finish testing for 15+ partners;
  • Release AVN system β2, Attention Purse β1 , UAT Application Market Version 1.1 & Open Content Platform β1;
  • Release Attention Purse β2 & Open Content Platform β2;
  • Support the exchange of between UATs;
  • AVN (User Attention Value Network) 1.0 onboard.
  • Content localization & internationalization;
  • Localization of product features;
  • To enrich MVP's commercial applications and distribution scenarios (including offline);
  • Open Content Platform:
  • Consensus mechanism of application layer(R+POS), Reputation system, Community courts & Micro-tasking system onboard;
  • Underlying technology upgrade;
  • Underlying technology upgrade
  • Native Token & Smart Contract Early Support
  • “De-Merculet-lization” of all aspects of the ecosystem and advancement of health development for the community without Merculet participation;

What are the tokens used for and how can token value appreciate?
MVP tokens will be used as a placeholder for the protocol MVP chain until the release of the Attention Value Network. The Protocol will serve to enhance user functionality for engagement, along with allowing the creation of new tokens (called UATs) to engage a business’ customers. 

The value of the token should increase based on the number of people using their network, and how many commercial applications that are developed to use the User Attention model. The higher engagement seen from companies would lead to an increase in users and greater adoption of the token overall.

To resolve this problem, Merculet has created an Attention Value Network provided by the MVP tokens. The token connects both the supply and demand sides of an open protocol. To become the Global Business Growth Center, Merculet uses blockchain technology and its User Attention Value (UAV) system to turn attentions into user value-added tokens. When users are paying attention to any information, companies value the "attention", turn it into a part of the value chain of the company, and pay the user accordingly.

By using Merculet’s platform, users will be able to make money without changing their behavior on app usage, which makes it enticing for them to engage on the platform.
The team is comprised of experienced entrepreneurs who have relevant experience in the app growth space.
The project is backed by various institutional investors, meaning that it has passed the scrutiny of those investors.

The project has not released alpha/proof-of-concept, therefore, it is essentially a white paper project.
The UAV evaluation could be tricky because users will try to game the system to artificially inflate their UAV score. If users manipulate UAV scores, it would make ad targeting less effective for advertisers.

Even though Merculet has a few partnerships in place, it is unclear how those partnerships will drive the adoption of MVP tokens. For example, we believe it is unlikely that tech giants like Alibaba and Tencent are required to purchase MVP tokens to place ads on the platform.

The key team members are all working at Magic Windows. It is unclear how they will allocate their time between the two ventures.

Merculet Solution Details USER ATTENTION VALUE (UAV) The first component of Merculet is the User Attention Value (UAV). This will be used to measure the value of the attention that the user provides. The evaluation will come with a bonus system Merculet builds an Attention Value Network based on attention and uses open protocol groups to connect demand and provide that attention. Merculet also helps enterprises to grow their business by creating a positive ecosystem of feedback based on the digital content put into the ecosystem. In the future, users will get financially based on their attention, time and attention, and businesses have more accurate data for their business strategies.



Thursday, 5 April 2018

Transcodium - Platform Media Editing Directly, Transcoding

What exactly is Transcodium?

Transcodium is a decentralized transcription and editing media file. The use case of tokens allows those who have idle devices to lease computing power (in exchange for tokens) and those who need to lease out the power will pay tokens. The workers (leased unemployed computing power) will receive a small snippet of a file, broken down by the Transcodium algorithm, and convert the file into a more compatible format. Stopping workers with more computing power and a better internet connection will get the master node status to do more work. Before the work will begin the estimated cost will be given to prospective customers. I like the idea of an estimate so customers will not be surprised at the cost.

Transcodium begins as a median in 2015 with a platform of visual clouds transcoding and editing media, but we are unable to compete with existing platforms and have to switch to other businesses. By 2016, our team decided to look into the project again using blockchain technology and decentralization. Unlike the previous platform, the Transcodium network will be completely autonomous without human intervention. Verify Transcodium Ltd. Verify Transcodium Ltd. Verify Transcodium Ltd. Verify Transcodium Ltd. here


Here is the proposed solution to the above problem:

● Blockchain and decentralization technology models enable alternative provisioning
     which is cheaper and reliable for cloud transcoding.

● Due to unlimited processing power, all thanks to the workers, the file will be
    transcoded in a very fast speed, eliminating long queues
    and waiting time.

● Single transcoding requests will be processed by multiple nodes and workers,
    so a one node or worker outage will have no effect on
    the process, making it more efficient and time saving.

● Transcoding is not limited to audio and video only, but also file format
     such as pictures and documents.

Transcodium Solutions

Here is the proposed solution to the above problem:
Blockchain and decentralized technology models enable the provision of cheaper and reliable alternatives to cloud transcoding.
Because of its unlimited processing power, all thanks to the workers, the files will be transcoded in very fast speed, eliminating long queues and waiting times.

the existing business is a double-edged sword as far as potential goes. There is always an opportunity for failure in ICO or TGE. I hope Transcodium has learned from past failures, and though their white papers make the case that they have solved their problems at the moment, his theories are fair. Personally I like the idea of ​​being able to use the platform to generate additional revenue by using the computing power of my old device, so I want to see the project be successful.

Recently, the world has seen a tremendous increase in the media industry, from video advertising to streaming media, yet, due to the high cost of cloud transcoding services, it is very challenging for start-up companies and low-budget companies that need it. services.

Since the emergence of cloud technology, the transcoding industry has grown on a very large scale. We are famous for companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vimeo, Youtube, and others, who transcribe terabytes of data every day, investing a large amount of their revenue for media file conversions. The current report also predicts that, by 2019, the transcoding market will grow by 15 percent CAGR globally, reflecting the enormous scope to grow.

Single transcoding requests will be processed by multiple nodes and workers, so a one node or worker outage has no effect The process makes it more efficient and saves time.

Transcoding is not just limited to audio and video only, but also other file formats such as pictures and documents.

Transcodium Token
Token Role - Represents the processing power used for file conversion
Symbol: TNS
Blockchain: Ethereum
Standard Token: ERC20
Supply: 120,000,000 TNS
Sale: 86.4 million TNs
Accepted Currency: ETH, BTC, LTC
Pre Sell Period: 07 / 01/2018 00: 00 UTC to 28/02/2018 00:00 UTC
Minimum goal: $ 500,000 USD
Maximum goal: $ 30,000,000 USD

Utilization of smart contracts will allow transparency on the network, important information such as file duration, the amount initiated and the amount paid to the worker will all be in the ledger. Customers and workers can check how much it costs or get paid for a particular task on the network.

To achieve a better decentralized consensus, the Transcodium network uses a type of proprietary evidence algorithm in which workers are randomly selected based on their portfolio and account age. It helps in selecting workers with a quality processing power that saves time and money.

Evidence of the conversion between the central node and the worker states that, an employee must complete his duties within the given time, during processing the data, the worker sends the developments to the method, the worker must process the data completely before the deadline on the assignment mark will be canceled or inactive and will pay other workers who are preparing to take over.

The deadline is set based on the transcoding activity being done and the size of the processed data. The contract pays the worker after transcoding and sending the file. Work is considered completed after the file is uploaded and verified by the central node. Proof of conversion will be supported by smart contract. Proof of conversion along with stock evidence makes the TNS regulation responsible for creating random selection of workers and balancing between initiators and processors.

How to become a worker?
Once the device downloads the app, it becomes part of the network. The device will then be ranked by strength, this means users with high-powered GPUs will earn more than someone with a basic PC.
Workers will receive 80% of payments in tokens after the task is completed with the other 20% going into the parent node.

Crowd Funding
To help speed up development and also allow the team to work fuller then Transcodium will raise funds for project development, payroll and future costs using the crowdfunding method.

- Project Development (50%)

- Overseas Company Expansion (3%)

- Marketing & Branding (20%)

- Operational Cost (15%)

- Law & Insurance

- Additional Budget

To find out about this project, please visit us below:
Whitepaper :

ANN Thread:;all

My Profil;u=1115690

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Hola !
Cybermiles es la nueva generación de cadenas de bloques para plataformas de comercio electrónico. Tal como la red de Ethereum la red de Cybermiles buscar recompensar a sus validadores por crear bloques y ejecutar contratos inteligentes. A Diferencia de la red Ethereum , Cybermiles se enfoca en el mercado del e-commerce y está diseñado para ser escalable , altamente eficiente y seguro.
Mark Cuban está relacionado con la empresa matriz de 5miles y comenta que este es un gran paso para adoptar la tecnologia de vanguarda a la empresa y que a él le gusta estar dos pasos por delante, adegura el billonario .
El 30 de Marzo será el lanzamiento de su Testnet en vivo , su científico en jefe anunciará los resultados y las características principales de#TestnetTravis
No se lo pierdan .

Monday, 26 March 2018

So, what is Cybermiles?

Cybermile is a new decentralized blockchain protocol optimized for e-commercial applications, started in 2017 by 5xlab, CyberMiles has been developed by the CyberMiles Foundation, a blockchain research lab that works with 5miles.
5 miles away
5miles is a leader in consumer-to-consumer e-commerce (“c2c”) in the United States 5miles formed in 2014 by world-class teams from China and the United States. Since its inception, 5mil has raised approximately USD 62 million from top investment companies such as SIG, IDG, Morningside, and Blue Lake. Since its launch in 2015, 5miles has established itself as a Top 10 shopping app, with more than 12 million users and USD 3 billion in annual transaction value. Founding CEO, Dr. Lucas Lu, formerly a co-founder and CTO of Light In the Box, a company that went public on the NYSE. Before that, Lucas was the first GM platform Taobao Mobile Alibaba.


5xlab is a new blockchain development lab that works closely with 5miles, a leading mobile market platform, with millions of users in the US. Over the past 3 years of leading innovation in the online & local market, 5miles has accumulated long-term technical and commercial knowledge. 5xlab is trying to use these skills and experiences to adapt blockchain technology & smart contracts for real-world applications. The focus of the proposed new 5xlab blockchain technology, CyberMiles (“CM”), is on trust and compliance while leveraging the strength of decentralized networks. This will help turn it into mainstream blockchain technology for real-world business. 5miles is expected to be the first application platform to use the CyberMiles blockchain protocol, and will also help 5xlab to develop the technology.

E-commerce has become the largest industry, by 2017, it is about $ 2.3 trillion and is expected to reach $ 4.5 trillion by 2021 (according to a report by Statist ). And have you ever heard of Blockchain? What is Blockchain? Blockchain, basically, is an electronic ledger, or better described as a decentralized and digitized ledger available for all secret transactions. Continuous development when a block is completed, it is an updated record of all cryptocurrency transactions from the oldest to the most recent. The blockchain block allows market participants to track all digital currency transactions without any form of centralized aggregation. Sophisticated cryptography techniques are used to ensure all records are authentic, and the identity of the coin owner is encrypted and thus anonymized. Moreover, blockchain technology allows market participants to ensure that the corresponding “digital wallet” accurate, accurate and perfect balance can spend. Blockchain has some benefits and feartures that make it so important. You can study it yourself.
What is the trend of 2018 and next year? I must tell you that it is the application of Blockchain technology to e-commerce.Blockchain with great features and benefits will revolutionize the ecommerce industry. Traditional e-commerce will not last long.

CyberMiles Foundation, a company limited by registered signatories in Hong Kong, is becoming the leader of this trend. CyberMiles, a partner with 5miles LLC, operates and develops with the aim of: “ A next generation blockchain is optimized for ecommerce and is designed for orthodox adoption. “ decentralization of online markets, use of smart contracts for e-commerce. CyberMiles is a distributed ecosystem for e-commerce.
Who is behind CyberMiles? CyberMiles is backed by a team of well-known professionals with great knowledge and enthusiasts who are the best in the industry. Lucas Lu is the CEO of CyberMiles, Lucas has a PhD in Molecular Physics from SMU in 2005. He has a great background, he worked at CERN when he was involved in theoretical and empirical research of the Higgs. Partical. Dr. Lucas Lu, formerly co-founder and CTO of Light In the Box, a company published on the NYSE, and before that, Lucas was the first GM of Alibaba’s Taobao Mobile platform, and GM’s an Alibaba Business Unit. Lucas set up 5 million in 2014.
Lucas met with President Trump on the issue of cryptocurrency, chairman Trump expressed satisfaction with Cybermiles, which could help the e-commerce industry.

What Makes blockchain foundation cybermiles unique?
1. Blockchain technology can not currently handle the requirements for e-commerce because it is not built to handle e-commercial protocols and this is what Cybermiles (CM) will achieve. Because the Smart Business Contract is designed to be much more powerful than the Ethereum Smart Contract.
2. Cybermiles will be the gateway to decentralized commercial applications as they are optimized for e-commercial applications, which will provide a large library of commercial intelligent business-related contracts.
3. Similar to ETH on ethereum, applications built from cybermiles can use CMT to issue their own ICO. The current size for e-commerce is over 1 trillion dollars.
4. CyberMiles 5miles partners will migrate more than 12 million US-based e-commerce users to blockchain CyberMiles. The CyberMiles network will manage user identity, record credit history, reputation, and facilitate financial transactions. It’s all without a data storage center or clearing house, and hence ensures privacy and security. User data is why other e-commerce applications will be built in CyberMiles. This is really amazing.
5. Unlike ethereum that only supports 10 transactions per second, cybermiles will be able to support more than 10,000 transactions per second, with state of the art proof of the stake consensus machine (POS).
6. To manage user identity and transaction data privately and securely, while enabling new transactions & settlements among network participants. Starts with 5miles ’10 +
million user base, this access to user data will be a key driver for e-commerce platform and other consumer financing to be built in CyberMiles
Token CyberMiles (CMT)
CMT is the original crypto currency created to be integrated with and used on
Network CyberMiles, and on decentralized applications on the network.
Initially, CMT is proposed to be published and implemented on public Ethereum blockchain as a token in accordance with ERC-20. 5miles will integrate existing “wallet” functions to hold the CMT balance, and allow users to exploit tokens on the 5mil platform as soon as the token is enabled. The CyberMiles protocol is being developed for implementation on its open source blockchain. In this scenario, the initial CMT based on ERC-20 will be exchanged on a 1: 1 basis with the original CMT issued on blockchain CyberMiles, with each stored value and rights transferred to the original token. The purpose of Cybermiles is for CMT to serve the following purposes:
1. Give rewards and incentives to community members to contribute computing power and maintain network integrity. Examples of such services may include running network nodes, validating transactions, and executing smart business contracts. When e-commerce market participants, such as sellers, buyers, and market makers, utilize network services, they will provide the CMT to the network manager.
2. To provide incentives to community members to provide value-added services, such as peer-to-peer
customer support and conflict resolution services. Service providers may receive CMT from other members of the community once consensus is reached.
3. To facilitate transactions within the network. Processes and interactions across the supply chain, as well as between buyers and sellers, can be recorded and facilitated by CMT. That allows for decentralized settlements and potentially greatly reduces transaction costs and friction on the network. The network will extract the transaction fee to pay the validator who runs the smart business contract associated with the transaction.
In conclusion the objectives of the Cybermiles foundation are to decentralize the c2c (consumer to consumer) market platform, and develop real-world blockchain solutions and online marketplace applications.

Website : —

Friday, 9 March 2018


Selfllery is a multifunctional social platform that allows you to receive payments in crypto for social activities that you engage in, related to the publication and distribution of visual content. The product concept and version was originally designed in early 2016. The selfllery reward system uses an ERC20 token built on Ethereal blockchain technology.

Social media platforms are the main channel for publishing and promoting digital photos, while at the same time, they are one of the Internet traffic sources for advertisers. Therefore, the cost of social media marketing amounts to a significant portion of overall marketing spending in the company. The share of social media spending in marketing budgets is expected to increase by 9.8% to 18.5% compared to the following year.

the innovative social platform SELFLLERY is based on the same technology!
This is not an ordinary social resource with the possibility of acquiring visual content, but a platform that provides an opportunity for its users to earn money on unique photos and videos that will gather maximum user involvement in the form of likes, comments, and views.
The relevance and prospects of SELFLLERY’s scaling
Currently, the most famous social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter exclude the possibility of direct earnings for their users for the published photos and videos, not including advertising. Although content creation and promotion of these same leading networks are carried out by their own users, they only have to be content with the likes.
SELFLLERY takes the so-called conditional error in the relations between users and shareholders of companies into account and offers the world a completely different vector of applying the user content. Now everyone can convert likes and comments into cryptocurrency, or more precisely into YOU tokens, which can be converted into cash through Ethereum purse if necessary or used inside the platform.

Mission Selfllery
Selfllery allows people to make their visual content truly reliable. 
The purpose of Selfllery is to create an Associate in Nursing Design that: 
1. allows users to decriminalize their photos, videos and live streams in a highly gamified way; 
2. Support charitable organizations and make simple donations to users; 
3. Provide companies with easy-to-use and effective promotional tools involving 
user photos; 
4. Expand the market of image and video content for corporate and news services, 
with an easy-to-use search function. 
5. Integrate fashionable technology and blockchain capabilities to digital
photography market, increasing transparency and security of its transactions.


The token tokens circulation theme depends on the type of ownership. 
When YOUR token token unit is in hand by the user Done Selfllery: 
1. Your token area unit generated across TGE 
2. User gets YOUR tokens on TGE or on the open market (after TGE expires). 
3. Users use YOUR token to purchase additional Selfllery options, to purchase 
special merchandise in the Selfllery market and different user photos in 
the stock gallery, and additional for charity. 
4. Once the user has purchased an additional SelfLove option, your token area unit is transferred 
to Selfllery and so distributed according to the current settings for the Selfllery 
development platform Once the user gets a different user photo gallery
or special merchandise on the market, YOUR token area unit is transferred from 
buyer to seller, excluding Selfllery fees. 
When your token is in the hands of the Selfllery advertiser: 
1. Your token area unit generated throughout TGE; 
2. Advertiser obtains YOUR token on TGE or on the open market (after TGE expires); 
3. Advertiser uses YOUR token to buy targeted ads in Selfllery; 
4. YOUR token (excluding Selfllery fees) received from the advertiser unit is shared 
among all Selfllery users according to Likes volume and current user rating; 
In addition to paying YOUR token for targeted ads, advertisers will reward your token
prizes for users who win pic contests or full promotional photos. 
Your token flag is limited. Everyday, at the right time, Selfllery distributes 
daily reward funds among all users who have received Likes on the day of reckoning. 
YOUR token token unit is distributed among all ActiveLore users on, as they are the contributer units of the 
selfllery area , and not merely those whose pages are advertising. Many individuals 
use Selfllery, which is very valuable brought to the platform. Therefore, every WHO user 
accepts Like, deserves a bequest. To avoid cheating, the overall variations likes per 
day for a single user are limited

Additional SELFLLERY functions
All internal processes between users of the platform are based on YOU’s token, which provides access to paid functions, as well as the opportunity to donate for charity, purchase goods in the internal marketplace and photos in galleries.
Don’t miss out, TGE starts on the 5th of March and will last until the 26th of March!
Join SELFLLERY via the link: