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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Welcome to my article,

How does the Service build Bitmora?

Bitmora allows users to globally exchange cryptocurrency and vote on the framework on which the exchange will be built. The current cryptocurrency exchange generates a market worth $ 100 billion, but we find that even the largest exchanges do not have the technology and social framework needed to meet the needs of their ever-changing users. Bitmora is set to host fully functional mobile apps, support staff of the phone over time, and an established user voting system to give users tremendous trading experience.


You may not know, but there is a silent war that continues in the world of ciptocurrency. This is a war waged above the crypto exchange market share, and the battleground is which exchange will first offer the most complete package. A package that meets the needs of consumers.
The exchange can be spelled out what makes the crypto world in the world change. Without them, the market will not be able to operate. Stock market share is not trivial, because a lot of money is at stake. However, the competition is very tight because there are more exchanges in the market than you can sway. In short, we recommend that you have a good value proposition at this time if you feel you deserve a place on the table.
To compete, new businesses generally embrace a tried and true strategy of "one-upping" your competitors. As a result, witnessing the adult exchange industry is almost like watching the Game of Thrones, where the exchange tries to find the right combination of skills that will win the hearts of customers and the Iron Throne. That combination could mean better marketing budgets, interfaces, or just a few items that represent a better overall package. This escalation is naturally occurring within the maturing industry. We know it's usually "progress." This is a good thing because consumers are the big winners after the dust settles.

Bitmora ( — the world’s first digital exchanger (exchange), created by the users themselves, with a completely new, revolutionary exchange system. With a fixed or interest commission to choose from, for large and small investors. Support and development of the project is planned to be carried out completely relying on the opinion of the community. By voting, any, even minimal, changes and additions will be made to both the web-based platform and the fully-functional mobile application.
In the basic version of the platform, the developers guarantee:
• Instant, round-the-clock technical support response (a call from the application with a single click).
• Customizable price alerts in real time both in the application and on the web platform.
• Support for QR code for quick and convenient replenishment / withdrawal of funds from a trading account.
• Simplified and extended versions of the user interface.
At the time of the start, Bitmora will have all the necessary functionality for convenient and full-fledged trading in the crypto currency market.
Vote for the coins that will be added to the exchange can be here
But of course not voting with round-the-clock technical support make this project unique in the system of charging for the exchange transaction (purchase / sale), which was previously not used by any exchanger or exchange of crypto-currencies:
Fixed Price — $7 + 0.03% Takers / 0.01% Makers
Percentage Based — 0.24% Takers / 0.14% Makers
And at any time you can change the type of commission payment from one to another. Fixed payment will be especially interesting for customers with large volumes of trade.

For more Info please visit the link below:

AUTHOR :;u=1115690

Sunday, 14 January 2018


ArcBlock (future Blockchain 3.0) is a platform and system for building and running decentralized blockchain apps. Stage goes through important segments that are expected to utilize blockchain to strengthen complex business rules.

It connects the existing framework with the blockchain system, empowers you to computerize business forms by utilizing information and personalities related to the existing framework.
What is the purpose of arcblock?
The purpose of ArcBlock itself is to drive out the blockages that have moderated the acceptance of blockchain among the entire population. We also want to build an approach that will at all encourage increased blockchain.

About ArcBlock Platform
ArcBlock is a push-based market for administration, segments, and even reusable applications. "Mineworkers" at the ArcBlock stage not only brings processing assets, more than that it helps build a shared stage by providing reusable segments, new administration, and even ready to send applications. Individuals who provide assets or administration will be paid with tokens to frame a thriving, positive and independent stage that continues to grow independently from others. The benefits of the ArcBlock stage are not our own special creations. It's produced by the ArcBlock people group that we just started another blockchain riot.

The advantages of Arcblock are biased
Building and running a decentralized blockchain application with ArcBlock has a very important situation regarding the currently available systems available.

Working for a New Token Economy
ArcBlock is a biological community that promotes itself not only the product stage undertaken by the united association. We at ArcBlock, Inc. furthermore, ArcBlock Foundation is just starting a business; Stage will proceed to develop and create independent from others.

All ArcBlock administration is driven by token economy. Rather than the basic administrative stage, ArcBlock is a power driven economy that encourages blockchain groups to work together to gather better biological communities.

Streamlining the Best Experience
We build the ArcBlock stage using the "best down" procedure that focuses on client meetings. On the other hand, many of the existing arrangements concentrate on blockchain innovation itself thus harming ease of use. Applications that work with ArcBlock offer a receptive and persistent grip. Clients can only access them from web programs (no additional modules are required), or download portable apps directly from the app store. Both ways, the procedure is not far away.

ArcBlock also drastically increases engineer engagement. There is no compelling reason to manage a lowlevel blockchain convention. With our built-in blockchain connectors, engineers do not have to run around near block blocks to start creating and testing their apps.

Works for the cloud
ArcBlock is meant to run locally in the cloud. It can also continue running on one PC for testing and progress.
The rules of this plan make ArcBlock in the general sense not the same as the many different stages in the blockchain world. In ArcBlock, a hub can be a "coherent PC" consisting of at least one virtual machine, or a set of cloud benefits that work together as a decision-making situation. This approach shows noteworthy advances that will help improve blockchain and decentralization applications to the next level, including patent pending innovations.
ArcBlock will initially be based on AWS and Windows Azure, at that time expanded to help Google Compute Engine, China's leading computing player, and different stages.

Working with Open Standards ArcBlock works with open principles.
We try not to reinvent the bargains that fabricate the desires and needs of application engineers. While opening up some of the central assets, we will also effectively increase the blockchain innovation group. Our co-workers are effectively required with associate guides, charities, and panels. Currently includes Community Blockchain W3C Group Community Community, Community Standard Blockchain Standard, Ethereal Enterprise Alliance, Linux Foundation, and Hyperledger Foundation. This rundown will progress after some time.

ArcBlock Token (ABT)

ArcBlock Token (ABT) is the first ArcBlock stage. To achieve a high performance exchange, we create an ideal blockchain committed to ArcBlock token administration and open records. The goal of the plan is to achieve> 100,000 Tx / s, which is all that may be required for a wide range of utilization. Later this blockchain can be redesigned for a broader reason. ABT is structured as a useful token that can be widely used as part of various situations. At ArcBlock, ABT's essential utility estimate is to pay the cost of using ArcBlock framework. Like the distributed computing administration, ABT is a utility token to pay fees associated with the use of this administration.
In contrast to Ethereal or Bitcoin, where clients typically pay a fee for every exchange they make, ArcBlock is intended to allow app suppliers to pay exchange fees for their end clients. This approach greatly enhances client meetings. Designers pay month by month, allowing them to enter small units and spare cash. ArcBlock also asks the designer to extract a number from an ABT token such as an offer when they require basic mission administration.

• Volume: 186,000,000 ABT
• Limited number of ABTs made
• There is no inflation
• All previously printed tokens, no mining required
• Maximum number of tokens for sale: 45%
• Marketing & partner support: 8% (with bounty consisting of% 1)
• Team (Labs): 15%
• Miners (public awards): 32%
• Softcap: 12000 ETH
• Hardcap: 37500 ETH + 6M CMT
• ET (Ethereal) CMT (Token Cybermiles)

Hardcap personal sales: 25000 ET
1 ETH = 2052 ABT (minimum 150 ETH, 3000 ETH)
Private sale begins: January 12, 2018 7pm cst

General sales hardcap: 12500 ETH + 6M CMT
1 ETH = 1900 ABT (miniumum 0.1 ETH, 50 ETH)
1 CMT =? ABT (minimum 200 CMT, 150000 CMT)
(CMT / ABT rate will be locked before public sale)
Public token sales event will begin
February 3, 2018, at 7pm CST and ends on February 10, 2018

ICO will be available soon, I think if you've been covered to buy some ABT tokens, you should buy some ET and CMT now. Because, as I expected, the prices of ETH and CMT will increase in the coming weeks.

A five-year plan

• Launch the first decentralized application built in ArcBlock with selected clients.
• Launch Open Chain Access Protocol and reference implementations for major blockchains (Ethereum, Hyperledger, etc.).

• Public launch and popularization among the general public.
• First Developer Conference for ArcBlock developers and partners.
• Launch support and Blocklet Building Blocks for digital media, publishing, and sharing knowledge.
• Design and implement support for IOT blocking apps. (Support the MQTT protocol and AWS IoT service Consider to consider IOTA as the blocker underlayer).
• Build decentralized markets for decentralized ArcBlock apps and their tokens.

• The public launch for smart home support and IO's smart city support.
• Contribute to Open Chain Access Protocol and related technologies to the open source community (through the Linux Foundation, Hyperledger Foundation, or similar organizations) to increase ArcBlock adoption and position as a de facto open access access standard.
• Expanding cloud computing support for the ArcBlock platform, which targets support for all major cloud platforms including AWS, Windows Azure, Google Computing Engine, Aliyun, Tencent Yun, etc. ArcBlock aims for platform platforms that are platform independent, universal, and decentralized platform. .

• Embrace the potential trend that blockchain protocols can be adopted at the operating system level (OS) by providing basic OS level support on the ArcBlock Platform.
• Build a token ecosystem and a new operating system with ArcBlock platform partners and developers for a truly decentralized autonomous business environment.

• ArcBlock becomes a public service that is open to programmable communities, supports DAO / DAC and its services / applications.

The plan is very clear, if there is no problem while launching the project, Arcblock will soon become popular. Blockchain project developers will feel more comfortable if using Arcblock. Furthermore, who is investing in this project will generate huge profits in the following years.


Thursday, 11 January 2018

LaLa World: For migrants and families not reported in Addressing Gaps


LALA means happy, and that's the goal we want to achieve - financially, freely, financially, and financially accessible to more than 2 billion people underserved and under-served.

Lala is about migrants and their families without bank accounts. This is ECOSYSTEM enabled by LALA Wallet as PLATFORM, a single sign-on platform that revolves around issues and issues. Employment issues, digital IDs, communities, government-NGO partnerships, health issues and, of course, new financial ecosystems for low-income populations, use the blockchain revolution to bridge the gap between the monetary, digital and crypto worlds.


LALA World ("LALA") is a healthy ecosystem for people with less income, starting with migrants and their families at home. The ecosystem is not just about financial inclusion, it also brings grassroots communities together, solves real-life problems of the population and uses the most advanced technology to combine them.

The key to LALA's success is its experienced team and global network and partnership. We believe that in the end, it's all about execution. With relevant experience in managing such projects, existing monumental partnerships, our great technology team behind and ground level support, we believe that we are blessed to get everyone together for LALA.


We believe that the economy works best when it works for everyone. This new platform is an inclusion machine.

Well The LalaWorld Features



LALA Wallet is your primary access to all financial services in the LALA ecosystem. You have several options to complete and pay, save Fiat or some crypto currency, with a wealth of financial services like money transfers, loans, bill payments, cards and other normal banking products at your fingertips. LALA's wallet also lets you share microprojects around the world, identify problems, suppress flaws and build your own community, creating a true ecosystem that transcends all human beings.

local and global remittances globally supported by crypto and also local and global remittances.
Through shipping on Exchange using LALA Exchange, Fiat and Digital remittance. For an efficient, cheaper and faster remittance service globally.

Peer-to peer and domestic lending for peer lending through crypto and fiat, Individual and business. Peer for Peer and EMI-based loans for small business and micro entrepreneurship projects Lala lends:
Micro loans, P2P loans and Community-based projects for eg small solar farms in remote villages) or small reseller loans based on their sales.

Crypto and Fiat cards are synced to your Wallet and can be used on millions of PoS cards globally.Debit, Credit and Loyalty in One Card.
Prepaid Cards are synced to LALA Wallet that can be displayed on PoS, ATM or online.

LALA Wallet users can choose to order LALA cards, virtual and / or physical debits (and on future credit cards)

Contains mobile phone with LALA Pre-loaded Wallet, LALA Insurance, LALA Card, Partner products etc. The software meets the hardware.
Physically marketed plug and play kits are sold in stores and delivered to people like migrant workers who have insurance, mobile & other cards.
The above product, in some form or form has been launched in various jurisdictions.

MOU and definitive agreements are signed in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Products like LALA Insurance, LALA Wealth, LALA ATM's, LALA FORCE, LALA Franchise etc. are all planned after 12 months.

We're currently on track to create a global Wallet for underbanked. The road maps and plans are further detailed in the sections below.

Then About ICO


1 ETH will buy 1000 Token LALA

LALA intends to collect 150,000 ETHER

The pre-ICO sales period will take place from 15 November 9 PM (SGT), Singapore time to 10-9 December (SGT), Singapore time. This includes retail and institutional participation, including Pre-ICO Bonus.
The Response & Review Period will run from December 11 to 31, 2017. It includes feedback, implementation, launch in several countries, many partnerships, PoC, testing and other important news in various countries.
LALA Metal Offer Offer ("ICO") will commence on 5 January 2018, 9:00 (SGT) Singapore Time and end on 5 February 2018, 9:00 (SGT).
Ether, BTC, LTC and other cryptocurrencies can be donated and converted into LALA Token.

LALA intends to accumulate 150,000 ETH for further development, development and other growth activities.

That is a total of 150 million LALA Tokens to be shared with these investors.
LALA will create a further 100 million LALA Tokens during this ICO with a total of 250 million LALA Tokens ("Number of Tokens Made").
Distribution of Token is as follows:
60% of Total Tokens Created will be distributed at ICO Crowdsale.
15% Total Tokens Created during ICO will be allocated to LALA founders, previous investors, technology teams, existing and upcoming Token employees locked in a pro-rated smart contract for a minimum of 6 months.

10% of Total Tokens Created during ICO will be provided to consultants, consultants, community developers and will be locked in a pro-rated smart contract for 6 months, unless specifically approved.

15% of LALA's supply will be credited to the reserve, but not issued. This will be available as a mechanism to sell additional tokens, but may never be issued, depending on future circumstances.
In addition, LALA World will buy back LALA in exchange and open market 20% NET transaction fee from LALA Wallet.

LALA repurchased will be used for community development, referrals and other social causes to reward investors and users.
The maximum LALA Token to be sold during Pre-ICO - 50% or 125 mln
During the Pre-ICO period from 15 November to 10 December 2017, up to 50% LALA Tokens (or 125 million LALA) will be issued to complete the initial version of LALA Dompet in November 2017.

The objective of Pre-ICO is to create a discussion on issues raised by this project, to attract the attention of leading industry experts, and to raise funds to prepare for project promotion and public relations, and to prepare quality ICOs.
During Pre-ICO, we will offer the following bonus tokens for early adopters and investors:
For clarity, bonus above Token will be allocated above.
For example if you bought 50 ET from November 15-20,
You will receive 50,000 Token LALA plus 12500 other Tokens as bonuses (representing 25% of your 50,000 Token purchases), resulting in 62,500 Tokens.
All funds during ICO and pre-ICO will be stored in multi-signature address, with multi-key structure This multi-signature account key will survive with LALA, Sankalp Shangari and Investors or Advisers to be selected close to the ICO date.
There is a minimum purchase amount of 10 Token LALA per purchase or 10/1000 Esther = 0.01ETH.

Any person who buys a minimum of 50 ETH or higher quality Tokens in Pre-ICO or during the ICO process will get:
Exclusive LALA Kits when launched in Q1 2018
100 LALA Tokens to nominate for their chosen charity project


Tuesday, 26 December 2017


Tuesday, December 26, 2017 0 Comments
Welcome to my article
Now I will discuss the ongoing ICO ESR wallet

Well let's get to know, WHAT IS ESR Wallet?

The Wallet ESR project has become a trusted work platform, and they plan to offer the world's population in the world to create electronic wallets in USD and EUR and issue a virtual or plastic VISA / Mastercard debit card for it.

This service is actively in demand by residents for several reasons:

Unlike settlement accounts, state-dependent service fees and banks averaging $ 20 per month, these electronic wallets are also more efficient and are serviced for free.
There is an option to open virtual cards, which are much cheaper than plastic cards, for those who use bank cards exclusively for online purchases.
The electronic wallet is open to everyone and its easy supply and manufacture, regardless of its credit history.
In addition, for our users, we introduce the microloans service, which sets us apart from other electronic purses.

Since the launch of this project in June 2017, more than 3000 plastic listed cards were issued, which indicate the relevance of our services

Wallet ESR company registered in UAE - one of the few countries with clear regulatory positions regarding ICO and cryptocurrency

Personal Multicurrency Wallet Card will be released free of charge and sent to residential address for every investor who bought more than 20 tokens within 60 days after ICO.

The ESR Wallet Team has more than 300 ATMs in the US. This network will be extended to other countries. Cash withdrawal through your own ATM network is free of charge for Wallet ESR card holders.


The ESR Wallet Fund raises funds for technical reengineering of Blood and Credit Service Payments and marketing campaigns to promote it. For this purpose, the funds issue ESR Tokens tokens (ESRs), which are smart contracts based on Ethereal.

Given the great interest in this project from investors, our team decided to pre-sell 2,000,000 tokens at a 50% discount. The date of sale for this token is set for September 25, 2017 and will last for 7 days. Countdown to start of sale is set at

The ESR sign is a smart contract with ESR Wallet. The token holder is entitled to share in the profits of the ESR Wallet Payment Service. Section 30% of the profits are distributed to all issued tokens. Token is released along with eToken contract and written in Solidity programming language.

The Wallet ESR Foundation is a company regulated by UAE subject to legislation and audits. This ensures transparency of actions and safe deposit of funds.


The ESR token is released under the e-Token contract. The number of tokens is limited to 10,000,000. After ICO, all unsold tokens will be destroyed, no next generation will happen.

eToken is an intelligent Ethereum contract written using the Solidity programming language. This allows you to issue tokens on the Ethereum network and provides various features:

Implementation of ICAP4 for multilevel routing.
Account recovery in the event of a lost key.
Permit and tolerance system.
Ethereal commission commission replacement automatically.
Built-in exchange for Ether currency.
Able to establish commissions for transactions. eToken also supports EIP205, also known as API standard contract. Compatibility with EIP20 ensures that integration with exchange and other services will not be more difficult than other tokens based on Ethereal.


What makes this Project a success is the team. The ESR wallet is led by two narrow specialists in the fields of fintech and blockchain, as well as by managers with great managerial and organizational experience in building international companies.

We are one of the few companies that withdraw funds not under projects that are disconnected from reality, only on paper, but for the finalization of existing prospective services already have a client base.


[ICO] LH crypto

Tuesday, December 26, 2017 0 Comments

Welcome to my blog
This time I will discuss about Larson & Holz Crypto.
The current cryptococcal market, as a new way of producing, is always newborn and is in the step of growth. This gives someone a chance to earn money together by investing in crypto and along with trade - it does not require a large financial investment and and along with a little science people have the ability to know this field. Larson & Holz's company proposed a new solution in the field of income on crypto-cardiac, he has developed the world's first crypto crypto LH project. We've spoken along with the Executive Director of Larson & Holz's internal audit - Alexander Smirnov, to find out what a crypto broker is and what revenue opportunities he gives to his users and investors.

Alexander, will you tell me a bit about Larson & Holz's corporate activities. What exactly and who is working with?

The Larson & Holz company is a financial company. We work with an audience we call merchants. The trading community is quite big, the attitude towards it is too different. I think many people have their own experience together with financial markets in Russia and abroad. We specialize in classical markets - stock markets, currency markets, we work in the Forex market and along with binary options.

What is the main idea of ​​your Lh-Crypto project?

To realize the essence of our project, I want to start with some background. On September 9, we applied cryptographic as a financial instrument that works with conventional currency, stocks and commodities traded on major financial markets. Of course, this laid the groundwork for some of our ideas, so it did not take long to see its implementation. On October 23, the magazine "CoinJournal" posted the first crypto broker creation project, and this information began actively spreading on the Internet. The next day we were interviewed by Mr. Jan Art, who is Vice President of the Bank of Russia, and is also one of the analysts and experts of the State Duma Committee on financial markets.

What is the essence of your project?

Within the framework of our project, we not only want to disseminate information about financial markets, giving people the opportunity to acquire speculative operations. In our project, we propose the most conservative scheme, because we know that in most cases, financial markets have a high risk. We entered the market under the name "LHCoin - token with monthly income from brokerage operations." We offer the following to investors: with the help of energy traders, who is everywhere, and this is a special class of people, to Give clients the most conservative opportunity to earn income, and earnings are guaranteed. And we have placed it on the record that our first year's income level will be 20% of the funds invested, and with this projection we have put the company's reputation on the line because of the amount of trust we have about our Company project has been in existence for over 20 years (in the Russian market since 2004).

LHCoin - revenue from operating activities
Larson & Holz's big broker created a special LHCoin Preico for LHCrypto. An entirely new token, capable of producing an investment return of at least 20% per annum.
Naturally, investors accept the profit that is formed because the growth of the exchange rate bought token, and the quote time falls, no earnings. Taking into account that ICO LHCoin is based on the smoothness of a profitable brokerage business, this project assumes all hazards and assures token profitability for investors against a rate of at least 20% per annum.
Income lost, if necessary, will be added towards the end of th. of the broker's operating income and deposited against the investor's special account. The funds received can be used by the investor for his or her personal desires; and as you can see, 20% revenue will be accepted, and this is real money!

Token Larson & Holz

Larson & Holz used Ethrum Blockchain technology with the name LH coin token. with the price LH = 0.1 $ or about 0.00033 ETH.
ICO Larson & Holz

Pre ICO Larson & Holz will begin on November 30, 2017 and end on December 3, 2017
The token price is about 0.1 $ = 1LH coin
The number of tokens to be released is 20 000 000 LHCoins

Pre ICO Larson & Holz will begin on December 4, 2017 and end on 31 December 2017
ICO will last for 4 weeks

The token price is about 0.1 $ = 1LH coin
The number of tokens that will release as many as 50 000 000 LHCoin

Post ICO
The ICO Larson & Holz post will begin on January 1, 2017 and end on 31 January 2017
The bonus will be distributed on February 1, 2018, after the ICO POST phase ends.
If we collect less than 1 000 000 $, then all funds invested will be returned to investors and the project will be closed.

How much funding do you expect to attract the attention of this crowd?

The minimum amount we want to lift is a million dollars and we have a maximum limit of about 50 million. We aim to use the realized funds to realize the dream of our project that gives investors the opportunity to earn passive income at the same time.


How will LHCoins be sold?

LHCoin sales period on ICO is divided into 3 parts: ongoing PreICO, ICO, and Post-ICO, when tokens are ready to enter the stock market. The token price will be determined by the funds collected in PreICO. However, if we do not reach this 1,000,000 USD amount, according to our smart contract based on the Ethereal platform, these funds will automatically be returned to all our tokens buyers. So here there is no risk. However, we will set the initial value of the token as per the funds accumulated in PreICO. The formula is simple: the collected amount is divided into 200,000 tokens. However, we guarantee that the price of the first token will not be under 10 US cents. Furthermore, with the development of the situation in ICO, within 1 month, it will artificially increase the token value by 5%, 10%, 15% and 21%. And than we have the program "Early Bird Bonus". According to this program, everyone who has purchased a token in PreICO and in the first week ICO will receive income in ethereum from people who enter our token market on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th week. Thus, the project allows its investors to have income in the ethereum in their wallets immediately, without waiting for the start of the project. This is why we divided our project into 3 parts, we say that PreICO participants will get the best price.

What are the terms and conditions for LHCoin entry in the stock market?

It depends on the amount we collect during PreICO. Ideally, we would like to launch our token on the stock exchange within 3 to 6 months.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Welcome to my article,

How does the Service build Bitmora?

Bitmora allows users to globally exchange cryptocurrency and vote on the framework on which the exchange will be built. The current cryptocurrency exchange generates a market worth $ 100 billion, but we find that even the largest exchanges do not have the technology and social framework needed to meet the needs of their ever-changing users. Bitmora is set to host fully functional mobile apps, support staff of the phone over time, and an established user voting system to give users tremendous trading experience.


You may not know, but there is a silent war that continues in the world of ciptocurrency. This is a war waged above the crypto exchange market share, and the battleground is which exchange will first offer the most complete package. A package that meets the needs of consumers.
The exchange can be spelled out what makes the crypto world in the world change. Without them, the market will not be able to operate. Stock market share is not trivial, because a lot of money is at stake. However, the competition is very tight because there are more exchanges in the market than you can sway. In short, we recommend that you have a good value proposition at this time if you feel you deserve a place on the table.
To compete, new businesses generally embrace a tried and true strategy of "one-upping" your competitors. As a result, witnessing the adult exchange industry is almost like watching the Game of Thrones, where the exchange tries to find the right combination of skills that will win the hearts of customers and the Iron Throne. That combination could mean better marketing budgets, interfaces, or just a few items that represent a better overall package. This escalation is naturally occurring within the maturing industry. We know it's usually "progress." This is a good thing because consumers are the big winners after the dust settles.
I can not speak for everyone, but there is an exchange that I like and which I can not use. Like myself, I'm sure everyone has a threshold where it's not worth the frustration to be used and I'm sure most people, like myself, are looking for the first opportunity to transfer assets. However, the cryptocurrency market is still maturing, and I think we are now witnessing the exchange of both generations.
To conclude, I will answer the initial question and say that I believe there is room for improvement. If business is a war then bitmora has armed itself with a strong value proposition and waits to enter the fray.

Core Values.
Bitmora's goal is to revolutionize the way the world sees cryptocurrency investment. All major revolutions have been achieved not by the leader alone, but by the people behind the leader. Instead of going against history, we will put all major decisions directly in the hands of our users.

Community outreach
We care about our community and are willing to prove it. From day one, we will provide superior customer support to what is currently offered and mobile apps with coin offerings far exceed our competitors. More importantly, we recognize that the problems facing today's crypto-cardiac community will not be the same as tomorrow, so we've built a unique voting system that can adapt to this ever-changing landscape in a very efficient and fair way .
Citizen's awareness .
We want to help the world understand Bitcoin, Ethereal, and other altcoins. By placing a crypto future in the hands of our users and pairing with global crypto technology leaders, we will give the world a chance to not only testify, but play a role in the formation of the future currency.

Why do we need another exchange?

Bitmora is being developed to modernize the way cryptocurrency exchange operates. As a trader myself, I have direct experience with long time support and slow network speed.
Some reasons we need a new exchange:
Cost is too high. Paying a crazy 0.2 / 0.25 fee for each trade is done over $ 2,000. Because lowering costs will limit potential, we have decided to take another route. Our users will choose between a system of fixed costs and system-centric percentages, to satisfy merchants and investors with low and high volumes.

Things are getting slower. Really slow Coin volatility should not be a reason to slow network speed. We make it a top priority to have a measurable backend to prevent this problem.
No one in the financial sector has to wait more than 24 hours, let alone weeks to hear from a support agent. Bitmora will launch with live phone support with a guaranteed 12 hour ticket response time.
Lack of support from operators. You rarely see or hear from operators. Some exchanges do not even list the names of their team members, this is dangerous and unethical. The Bitmora team supports the underlying Blockchain technology and is excited about the opportunities it provides. You will soon see us at conferences around the world to promote Bitmora and Blockchain technology itself. We want both Bitmora and Blockchain to grow together.

Your Sound Problem
Our team works every day to reach out to people to see what features you think are included in the exchange, and we listen with an open mind.

Security Driven
Security at our exchange is very important to us. We are dedicated to providing the best security we can to ensure no funds are lost.

Corporate network
Days of seeing the loading screen when you click "Sell" has expired. Our system works with lightning fast speed to ensure you get the price you want.
Built by you
Bitmora is the first exchange that allows the community to choose user suggestions for new features. Vote on polls and be proud when you see it live by knowing that you are helping through it!

Fully Legal
Bitmora Inc. is a fully registered C-Corp in the US, according to MSB with FinCEN, and backed by a strong bank deal.

Modern Interface
Whether you use your desktop or mobile device, you can trade, analyze and control your investments. We make it easy for beginners, but also effective for experienced users.

Special support
Our support team is dedicated and measurable. We guarantee fast ticket response time and offer direct support to the phone when we open.

Our cold storage funds will be distributed worldwide in some undisclosed locations. We provide regular audits, corporate DDoS protection, and ensure funds are safely protected by many access control systems and software.
Financial Transparency
Download our monthly financial data and see all the fees we receive in tandem with monthly volumes redeemed for all pairs. Your trust is very important to us.
Innovative Costs
We are all tired of paying silly fees. That is why we introduce a revolutionary cost system that was never used by earlier cryptococcal exchange. You can choose between two systems, and depending on the type and volume of your trade, one system may be more affordable than others.
Fixed Price - $ 7 + 0.03% Takers / 0.01% Makers
Percentage Based - 0.24% Taker / 0.14% Creator (what is used by all other exchanges)
The main advantage of a fixed cost system is that it serves clients with higher volumes. This is a system of interest by stock traders and investors.
Bitmora Objectives:

• Revolutionize the crypto-currency system.
• Include a voting system for a better and more reliable future crypto currency exchange.
• Launch the world's best iOS and Android App for crypto-currency that will house their trading system and voting system.
Build Bitmora:

In May 2017, Colton Brister, Elias Mansour, Joseph Dagostino made their dream project "Bitmora" right. They are the founders of Bitmora. They are building a service that allows users to globally exchange crypto-currency.
Step Extreme Bitmora:

• Controls on System Costs: Current exchange charges are not acceptable at this time. Bitmora's first goal was to control the fee system. This step greatly affects the crypto exchanger. With such a great look and that, Bitmora wants to give users the opportunity to choose one option in their cost plan. There are two options: fixed rate or basic percentageages. Users can change options at any time by contacting their support team.

Bitmora Security:

Security is the most important thing in everything. Bitmora also provides important security. They will continue to monitor eveything from their servers to cold storage 24/7/365, without any pause. Their cold storage will be stored in an outdoor, undisclosed location with security at all times. There will be no automation software to connect their cool wallets and hot purses. And also their employees, they will also remain under high security screening. To find out about their security visit

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Monday, 4 December 2017

Live VISA & MasterCard certification

In this article, I myself will discuss about
 its technology and its robot principle. In today's article, we will discuss the prospect and further development of the BelugaPay project.
So, let's see!

BelugaPay is an electronic service provider, a system that transfers digital payment assistance to small and larger entrepreneurs.

Despite technological advances in finance over the last few decades, it is clear that access to basic financial services remains very low.

So here BelugaPay provides a service for digitizing payments, which allows each client to transition to a non-cash payment level. According to statistics for 2017, more than 2 billion people, as a percentage of it - about 39% of the population, still counting goods or services provided, in cash.
However, financial exclusion remains largely intact and becomes accessible, as most traders still work only on a cash basis. But still, I also want to note that 10% of sellers are currently receiving digital payments.

One of Beluga's main goals is to use blockplain and cryptocurrencies to develop an open source resource migration platform. This will allow for the digitization of financial sector tools, and the BELUGA mission is to help billions of non-banks to become part of a new and better global financial system.
The company also has a strong and promising connection with, Beluga uses its IP, stable partnerships, and technology.

When it comes to services provided by Beluga, they are quite easy to use:
- Beluga Restaurant Edition mobile app;
- use of Fiat currency or BBI currency;
is an easy and easy way for beginners.
And of course, it takes a few words about Beluga team composition - which is one of the most important components of the success of this project. Beluga really works with talented professionals, who have a wonderful opportunity to improve the financial calculations between buyers and sellers. Who will try to make payments and our financial environment more reliable and open in the banking environment.

It also needs to be considered in more detail all the details of ICO
The project is coming out on the Ethereum Blockchain platform with the ERC20 standard, which is reliable today.
During the ICO period, the maximum number of token firms is 40 million BBI.

Beluga has been named the popular Beluga whale that is considered a brilliant and social creature. The items and administration that come out of this organization's enclosure perfectly fit the attributes and behavior of these whales. This is a consolidated organization in Canada. The organization operates in several countries such as Mexico, Canada, India, Joined Kingdom and Latvia. most engineers and professionals work from their offices in Guadalajara, Mexico.
For several years many Fortune 50 administrative associations and organizations were added to this organization. Visits to their site or by sending your email have the capacity to find out about the goods and administration they offer.
Organizations that have solid ties with and utilize IPs, associations, innovations and subsequently utilize their groups and licenses.


All tokens that will not be sold after the end of ICO will soon be burned, this is an important factor for the company's own investors, as it will now increase their own token value.
The maximum part of fundraising within ICO is
100,000 ETH.

The cost of one BBI token will depend on the investment stage of the investor in ICO. There is a flexible bonus offer;

From 1 to 31 October 2017-35% bonus (1 ETH-388.80 BBI)
From 1 to 31 November 2017-20% bonus (1 ETH-345.60 BBI)
From January 1 to 14 (1 ETH-288 BBI)
Information about the BelugaPay platform concept, about teams and taking direct participation in their ICO, 

you can by visiting the following link.

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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Football Betting Revolution powered by Blockchain

Welcome to my article.
 at this time I will discuss about football betting Plaform is "GoalBonanza" based token ERC20

Please read the article:

Goal Bonanza is a self-directed eradication football betting platform based on standard ERC20 tokens.
And they currently offer a new soccer betting experience by combining lots of lottery bets
10 possible final outcome of the final soccer game match where the crowd brings back potential, unlike
traditional bookmakers and betting exchanges that offer unattractive opportunities and low profits. Bigger is different from the goal of the current bonanza that collects
The larger crowd is a potential return easily reaching six figures. Simply.


What is Bonanza's goal?

GoalBonanza is a raffle that predicts the outcome of a football game at least supports 1 of 10 choices.
In the lottery of GoalBonanza, pot size encourages potential profit. Unlike traditional bookmakers and betting exchanges that offer unattractive opportunities and low profits, in the Bonanza Goal lottery the pot size pushes potential profit.

Sports betting is a very popular gambling type that involves predicting sports results and placing bets on the results. The consolidated global sports betting market, both regulated and unregulated, is worth up to $ 3 trillion. About 65 percent of that amount is spent on football betting, with the Asian market being the center of sports gambling.

"The size of the sports betting market for $ 3 trillion"
"65% spent on football betting"
"Up to $ 1 billion gamble in a single football game in China"
"$ 80-billion global football betting results by 2017"
"$ 17 is the average of mobile gambling gambling per adult in the EU"

Gifts, Badges and Achievements
Rewards such as badges and tokens will be used to elevate status by showing their talents, skills and achievements Players will also be able to win badges and more tokens as rewards to complete achievements in recognition of their talent and expertise to predict the value and outcome of football matches . As a fuller player.

Destination Bonanza Mechanism

Players will have between 150 and 200 football matches available for betting on a weekly basis. Football matches from all major national and international competitions will be available for betting.

Three third-party API services will be used to feed competition, game schedules and final game scores available to ensure data quality and integrity through a 3-level data validation system to process transactions.

Football matches from selected competitions will be opened for bet with 100 GOAL tokens Goal Bonanza sponsoring bounty, 24h before the game begins. Bets will be accepted until the start of a football game.

The minimum bet received will be 1 GOAL tokens worth 0.0002 ETH per 1 GOAL tokens at launch date. Players can enter a minimum of 1 GOAL token in at least 1 of 10 results.
The game pot will be split between players who successfully predicted game results. If there is no winning bet, a pot is thrown into a jackpot game held monthly for players with only 5-level accounts.
Bonanza's goal will hold 4.75% of the followers of each soccer game team as game organizers.

Withdrawal will only be available for players with account level 3 or above. Users must have a token wallet compatible with ERC20 to make a withdrawal. Players collect victories by selling tokens on the exchange.
Players will be able to get 1 token for each referred player who will reach account level 3 through the referral program. The referral program will be available when the user opens the account level 2.
Players will be able to get additional additional tokens as prizes to complete various achievements, challenges and milestones. Withdrawal of reward tokens will be available only for players with account level 4 or above.
Goal Bonanza does not require identity verification, delivery of identification forms, credit cards and bank account details. The player in Goal Bonanza is anonymous and privacy of personal data is guaranteed.

Goal Bonanza will issue 1,000,000,000 GOAL tokens to be distributed in crowdsale. We are now pre-selling to raise 3,333 ETH to be used to fund our ICO campaign and the initial distribution of our currency and will release only 10% (100,000,000) GOAL allowances in pre-sales. We have invested our own funds for market research and product benchmarking, for the development of a 3 year business plan and UI / UX development. We have developed a proof of concept, and are now beginning preparations for launching full ICO. We are in the process of creating a professional Marketing & PR team that will promote our products in key markets such as Russia, China, India, Japan, South Korea and other major markets. Part of the funds earned from pre-sales will be used to set up infrastructure, expand development teams and implement additional features and marketing tools to ensure successful ICO.

Part of the fund submitted with Pre ICO will be used to expand the development team and implement the additional features and marketing tools we have planned for ICO. We will also invest some of the funds earned from Pre ICO to set up infrastructure and tools for successful ICO. Including fiat money receipts, which may have a positive impact on subsequent campaigns, but require significant investment, both technical and legal.

Details of ICO
Currency received: ETH, BTC, LTC
ICO start date: 16 NOV 2017 00: 00h
ICO end date: 15 DEC 2017 23: 59h
Hard caP: $ 25,000,000
Token per one person: unlimited
Minimum transaction amount: No
Maximum transaction amount: unlimited