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Friday, 9 March 2018


Selfllery is a multifunctional social platform that allows you to receive payments in crypto for social activities that you engage in, related to the publication and distribution of visual content. The product concept and version was originally designed in early 2016. The selfllery reward system uses an ERC20 token built on Ethereal blockchain technology.

Social media platforms are the main channel for publishing and promoting digital photos, while at the same time, they are one of the Internet traffic sources for advertisers. Therefore, the cost of social media marketing amounts to a significant portion of overall marketing spending in the company. The share of social media spending in marketing budgets is expected to increase by 9.8% to 18.5% compared to the following year.

the innovative social platform SELFLLERY is based on the same technology!
This is not an ordinary social resource with the possibility of acquiring visual content, but a platform that provides an opportunity for its users to earn money on unique photos and videos that will gather maximum user involvement in the form of likes, comments, and views.
The relevance and prospects of SELFLLERY’s scaling
Currently, the most famous social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter exclude the possibility of direct earnings for their users for the published photos and videos, not including advertising. Although content creation and promotion of these same leading networks are carried out by their own users, they only have to be content with the likes.
SELFLLERY takes the so-called conditional error in the relations between users and shareholders of companies into account and offers the world a completely different vector of applying the user content. Now everyone can convert likes and comments into cryptocurrency, or more precisely into YOU tokens, which can be converted into cash through Ethereum purse if necessary or used inside the platform.

Mission Selfller
Selfllery allows people to make their visual content truly reliable. 
The purpose of Selfllery is to create an Associate in Nursing Design that: 
1. allows users to decriminalize their photos, videos and live streams in a highly gamified way; 
2. Support charitable organizations and make simple donations to users; 
3. Provide companies with easy-to-use and effective promotional tools involving 
user photos; 
4. Expand the market of image and video content for corporate and news services, 
with an easy-to-use search function. 
5. Integrate fashionable technology and blockchain capabilities to digital
photography market, increasing transparency and security of its transactions.


The token tokens circulation theme depends on the type of ownership. 
When YOUR token token unit is in hand by the user Done Selfllery: 
1. Your token area unit generated across TGE 
2. User gets YOUR tokens on TGE or on the open market (after TGE expires). 
3. Users use YOUR token to purchase additional Selfllery options, to purchase 
special merchandise in the Selfllery market and different user photos in 
the stock gallery, and additional for charity. 
4. Once the user has purchased an additional SelfLove option, your token area unit is transferred 
to Selfllery and so distributed according to the current settings for the Selfllery 
development platform Once the user gets a different user photo gallery
or special merchandise on the market, YOUR token area unit is transferred from 
buyer to seller, excluding Selfllery fees. 
When your token is in the hands of the Selfllery advertiser: 
1. Your token area unit generated throughout TGE; 
2. Advertiser obtains YOUR token on TGE or on the open market (after TGE expires); 
3. Advertiser uses YOUR token to buy targeted ads in Selfllery; 
4. YOUR token (excluding Selfllery fees) received from the advertiser unit is shared 
among all Selfllery users according to Likes volume and current user rating; 
In addition to paying YOUR token for targeted ads, advertisers will reward your token
prizes for users who win pic contests or full promotional photos. 
Your token flag is limited. Everyday, at the right time, Selfllery distributes 
daily reward funds among all users who have received Likes on the day of reckoning. 
YOUR token token unit is distributed among all ActiveLore users on, as they are the contributer units of the 
selfllery area , and not merely those whose pages are advertising. Many individuals 
use Selfllery, which is very valuable brought to the platform. Therefore, every WHO user 
accepts Like, deserves a bequest. To avoid cheating, the overall variations likes per 
day for a single user are limited

Additional SELFLLERY functions
All internal processes between users of the platform are based on YOU’s token, which provides access to paid functions, as well as the opportunity to donate for charity, purchase goods in the internal marketplace and photos in galleries.
Don’t miss out, TGE starts on the 5th of March and will last until the 26th of March!
Join SELFLLERY via the link:

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Sandblock (PreICO)

Protocol to connect brands & customers

Recent years have seen a large number of technological innovations that have a direct impact on the lives of consumers. We can now use apps to order food, walk, find dates and other things. But this innovation primarily changes the way consumers access these services, and rarely the way they are built.
One of the most significant innovations in the last decade is undoubtedly a blockchain, a platform where contracts with crypto and smart contracts are built. Blockchain is revolutionary because it allows peer transactions, without requiring them to trust each other or third parties acting as arbitrators.

Features of the Sandblock project
Explore the applications being built on top of the Satisfaction protocol. All those applications will be available for everyone within the consortium.

Businesses · One click subscription
We provide our expertise in blockchain and cryptocurrencies to enable businesses to enjoy the power of the Satisfaction protocol with a classic subscription using fiat currencies.
By subscribing, businesses can implement all the services below in one click and let us purchase Satisfaction tokens, create their Branded tokens and manage it for them.
Eliminating the complexity of the blockchain for businesses which don't have the technical expertise is a key element in the technology adoption.

The benefits are important: transactions are pseudonymous, require very little personal information, no people and nothing can prevent two co-workers on the network to trade together, and they do not need to trust each other, just accept the contract that defines the transaction.
The benefits and promises of a world in which trade is decentralized, free from intermediary barriers and trust, has driven the development of continuous blockchain technology to improve the products and services we rely on every day. .

Today, we would like to introduce such improvements.
Currently, we want to introduce Sandblock, a service that aims to redefine the relationship between business and customers, utilizing blockchain technology to make customer satisfaction and loyalty a reality, not a reflection. after the fact

How does Sandblock work?
Sandblock is based on a decentralized protocol on Ethereal Blockchain, the Satisfaction Protocol, to ensure that all participants can benefit and prevent one actor to concentrate too much and thus bend the system to his advantage.
Every Merchant partner who wants to use the Satisfaction Protocol creates his own Crypto (Merchant Token) to reward their customers for their engagement. The Merchant Token is initiated by purchasing a Satisfaction Token (SAT) which is a tradable token ERC20, has limited inventory and will be made when the sale of public goods (ICO).

Pay using cryptourrency
Use another Ether, Bitcoin or Crypto to make a purchase and get it automatically with both merits and a Merchant Token! Each of the following purchases is taken into account, and customer loyalty will be rewarded with Merchant Tokens.
Verified feedback
The customer then gets a chance to rate and comment on the business customer's experience, or even fill out a survey sent by the Merchant and be rewarded with a Merchant Tokens.
Autonomy Loyalty Program
No more wallets full of loyalty cards for complex programs, wasting your time, or more attractive to businesses than customers.
Instead, enjoy easy-to-use and tradable loyalty points, whenever you participate in the Merchant loyalty program, you automatically receive a Merchant Token!
Merchant Token = Satisfaction Token
Merchant Tokens can not be traded unless SATs is! Obtain a Merchant Token and then redeem it for goods and services or convert it to SAT and then redeem it, convert it to another currency, or buy another token from another Merchant!

Why Sandblock?

The whole relationship between the company and the customer is unbalanced and hurts both sides. Companies that provide good products or services often fail because they are not found by enough customers, while bad business can last long if they play the system well.

And if possible reward customers with transparency to provide an honest explanation of their experience?

The loyalty program is a mess. They are implemented differently in each company, relying on different mechanisms and offering the most unnecessary rewards. Rare loyalty programs that offer decent rewards are complex enough to allow the entire industry to earn money by explaining how to play them, as can be seen with the airline miles program. Most people can not waste their time and money learning how to take advantage of programs that should reward them for sponsoring a business. And if there are too many loyalty programs, talk about more!


   WEBSITE     |     WHITEPAPER     |     TWITTER     |     FACEBOOK     |     TELEGRAM     

Saturday, 24 February 2018

CrowdCoinage is an OS created for future funding built on the first Ethereal blockade of the present century.

Why is it Made That way?

 certainly in order to be subject to relevant registration and licensing, the campaigner may sell a freely tradable equity dividend or token in the exchange of cryptocurrency.

The first version of CrowdCoinage OS allows beginners, software developers, real estate investors, and others to launch, create and manage crowdfunding and ICO campaigns.

CrowdCoinage begins with ambition to combine and make it easy for beginners and beginners to communicate with each other and find talents and professionals with special expertise in their company, validate their business model, create lift promotions, collect trusted reviews and bring business developers together

This, in turn, saves the founder's valuable time and resources that can be used more effectively for the development of their other projects.
This latform also offers a variety of different financial services based on blockchain and cryptocurrencies technology.

Click Here To join >> 


Why choose CrowdCoinage?
CrowdCoinage is not just a platform where founders and beginners find team members in their respective fields, but where they can ask for help or feedback from other community members
CrowdCoinage is a Decentralized Crowdfunding Platform for ICO Campaigns. CrowdCoinage's goal is to provide a complete solution to start and fund a business from anywhere in the world in a decentralized environment for free

Many useful tools such as loans, insurance and trade will be built on the platform and will be available to companies / startups as a database of venture capital needs or know-hows. Regarding P2P loans, existing loan sites such as Bondora promise but accompanied by a long lending process.

Wallet and Insurance
With regards to the wallet, each user will receive their wallet during the registration process where we use Lock to protect additional encryption, and two-factor authentication will be used as an additional layer of protection. The conversion will be completely transparent and the current daily exchange rate of the exchange will be used to complete the real-time conversion. Also, our CrowdCoinage OS payment API will be similar to PayPal's shopping cart.

Investment info

Token Symbol               CCOS
Total Token Amount                 478.571.428
Distributed In ICO                      50%
Rate                                              1 ETH = 1.000 token CCOS
Hardcap                                       150.000 ETH (Hard Cap)
Payment Accept                         BTC,BCH,ETH,LTC, XRP,EUR,PayPal



Monday, 19 February 2018

Arbidex Bounty Campaign

Most Wanted Trading Platform of All Time!


Arbidex is starting its Official Bounty Program in order to reward its supporters with ABX tokens. Hardcap goal is $16M, it equals the total amount of 17,2 M ABX tokens on sale.
2%  of total token supply ( 500 000 ABX ) will be allocated to the Bounty Program.

1 ABX ≈ 1 USD

The program will run from 8 Dec 2017 to 15 Feb 2018
The payment of the bounties will start at the expiration of 2 weeks ( after listing on a centralized exchange )
The checking of work and counting of stakes will be every week
At the end of the campaign, each member's amount of bounty ABX tokens will be calculated using the following formula:
( Total amount of allocated bounty campaign ABX tokens / Total amount of all of the bounty campaign participants' stakes )  *  Member's stakes

Bounty distribution:

You are welcome to participate!


Stakes will be paid depending on REAL (as determined by TwitterAudit) followers (at the start of the campaign).


250-749 followers:   1 stake per retweet/tweet
750-1499 followers:   2 stakes per retweet/tweet
1500-9999 followers:   4 stakes per retweet/tweet
10.000+ followers:   6 stakes per retweet/tweet


1. Follow Arbidex on Twitter
2. Register with this form

For every week:

Like and retweet @ArbidexToken tweets at least 3 times a week (not more than one per hour)
Post tweets using hashtags #Arbidex #ArbidexToken at least twice per week(not more than one per hour)

3. Register your tweets/retweets every week with these forms:

Week 1 (8.12 - 14.12) (report form will be closed 20.12)
Week 2 (15.12 - 21.12) (report form will be closed 27.12)
Week 3 (22.12 - 28.12) (report form will be closed 3.01)
Week 4 (29.12 - 4.01) (report form will be closed 10.01)
Week 5 (5.01 - 11.01) (report form will be closed 17.01)
Week 6 (12.01 - 18.01) (report form will be closed 24.01)
Week 7 (19.01 - 25.01) (report form will be closed 31.01)
Week 8 (26.01 - 1.02) (report form will be closed 7.02)
Week 9 (2.02 - 8.02) (report form will be closed 14.02)
Week 10 (9.02 - 15.02) (report form will be closed 21.02)
Week 11 (16.02 - 22.02) (report form will be closed 26.02)
Week 12 (23.02 - 28.02) (report form will be closed 4.03)


Multiple accounts registrations
Spam, abuse and insults


You must have Jr. Member or higher rank in Bitcointalk
You must be an Arbidex Official Twitter Follower
You must have at least 250 followers
You must have at least 85% of real followers (can be evaluated with
Your privacy settings must be open
Like and Retweet Arbidex tweets at least 3 times per week (not more than one per hour)
Post tweets using hashtags #Arbidex or #ArbidexToken @ArbidexToken at least twice per week (not more than one per hour)
 Maximum 2 retweets/tweets per day, and 10 retweets/tweets per week. More than 10 will be counted like 10!
 If you don't have minimum tweets/retweets they will be deducted from the total amount of the stakes
Do not delete likes/tweets/retweets until the TokenSale ends on 30 Jan
Twitter followers will NOT be updated after having registered in the campaign

▸▹ Participation status can be checked in this spreadsheet. There you can always check the counting of stakes and see the comments, if something isn't counted.


Stakes will be paid depending on friends/followers.

100-499 Followers/Friends:     1 stake per week
500-1499 Followers/Friends:   2 stakes per week
1500-2999 Followers/Friends:  4 stakes per week
3000 Plus Followers/Friends:   6 stakes per week

1. Follow and like our Facebook page
2. Fill and submit this form
3. Register your shares every week with these forms:

Week 1 (8.12 - 14.12) (report form will be closed 20.12)
Week 2 (15.12 - 21.12) (report form will be closed 27.12)
Week 3 (22.12 - 28.12) (report form will be closed 3.01)
Week 4 (29.12 - 4.01) (report form will be closed 10.01)
Week 5 (5.01 - 11.01) (report form will be closed 17.01)
Week 6 (12.01 - 18.01) (report form will be closed 24.01)
Week 7 (19.01 - 25.01) (report form will be closed 31.01)
Week 8 (26.01 - 1.02) (report form will be closed 5.02)
Week 9 (2.02 - 8.02) (report form will be closed 14.02)
Week 10 (9.02 - 15.02) (report form will be closed 21.02)
Week 11 (16.02 - 22.02) (report form will be closed 26.02)
Week 12 (23.02 - 28.02) (report form will be closed 4.03)


You must have at least 100 friends
You must be an Arbidex Official Facebook Follower
Participants must share and like different Arbidex’s posts, it's desirable every day
New Arbidex's posts during the week are required for sharing!
You can share the same posts from past weeks
Accounts with fake friends/followers will be disqualified
Do not delete likes/repost until the TokenSale ends on 30 Jan
Friends/followers will NOT be updated after having registered in the campaign

▸▹ Participation status can be checked in this spreadsheet. There you can always check the counting of stakes and see the comments, if something isn't counted.


1 stake/week for all participants.


Join our Telegram group & channel
Fill and submit this form


1. Only one reward per Telegram and Bitcointalk user
2. You must be active in the Telegram group at least 3 times per week (welcome, comments, ask questions and answer questions)
3. If you just join in group and will not be active you will only get 0.5 stake
4. Accounts with less than 10 posts in the forum or inactive for a long time will be rejected
▸▹ Participation status can be checked in this spreadsheet. There you can always check the counting of stakes and see the comments, if something isn't counted.

Signature, Avatar and Personal text Campaign

Distribution of stakes according to user level:

Member: 2 stakes/day of actually posting
Full Member: 3 stakes/day of actually posting
Sr Member: 5 stakes/day of actually posting
Hero/Legendary: 7 stakes/day of actually posting


1. Add signature of your level, avatar and personal text
2. Fill and submit this form


- Signature, avatar and personal text must be kept until the stakes have been calculated after the end of the Token Sale (allow around a week for these calculations)
- You aren't limited to number of posts but there should be at least 30 meaningful posts( 70 characters ) must be made during this period (TokenSale - until 28 Feb inclusive).
- 70 posts max (More will count as 70)
- Off-topic, spam, meaningless posts and bounty reports will not count.
- Posts must have a minimum length of 70 characters
- Participants must have at least Member rank in the forum
- Please bear in mind that only days when actually posting are counted
▸▹ Participation status can be checked in this spreadsheet. There you can always check the counting of stakes and see the comments, if something isn't counted.▸▹ If during your participation in the Signature, Avatar and Personal text Campaign your rank will grow, to register again indicating a new rank. We will monitor the change and from this day we will accrue more stakes.▸▹ If you don't inform us by means of a new registration of the steaks will be accrued as before.

 Avatar images for your choice:


Personal Text:   Automatic Arbitrage Platform

For Code Signature >> Click Here

▸▹ If the signature in your browser looks incorrect, please, tell me about it in a private message. Thanks.

Blog and Content Campaign

Stakes, depending on content quality evaluation:

- Rejected: 0 stakes
- Low: 1 stake
- Medium: 2 stakes
- High: 3 stakes
(per post/video)

Minimal number of subscribers for Blog or Videoblog:

- Youtube: 300
- Golos: 100
- Steemit: 100
- Medium: 100
- Website: 1000 per day

Fill and submit this form
Register your posts with this form

We’re interested in original content and big audience so please do not copy paste our articles, white paper, one pager or any of company materials
You need to write your own articles using our materials
Make sure you have the full understanding of the Arbidex platform. Read the Whitepaper document first
We’re looking for bloggers from cryptocurrency websites, business websites, blogs on Medium, Steemit and Golos, Youtube channels (Facebook & Twitter can also be)
You can use any languages you want but all of them will be checked or moderated
Blog posts must have at least 250 words and forum posts must have at least 100 words
Article Must have at least 2 links of Official Website and WhitePaper
Every post should contain these hashtags: #arbidex #arbibounty
Video Must be at least 45 seconds long. Shorter than that will not be accepted
To recognize you as the author, please indicate your username on the Bitcointalk forum at the end of the article or under the video
If you don't have a blog or videoblog, but you've created some piece of content, you can sent it to us via Facebook or email (

▸▹ Participation status can be checked in this spreadsheet. There you can always check the counting of stakes and see the comments if something isn't counted.

Translation & Local Community Management

We starting new bounty: Local telegram community. Interested participants can help us to moderate the native language communities, answer questions and announce news.

- Reward: 1000ABX per month

Fill and submit this form and we will contact you for an interview

Already created communities: list

Stakes distribution:

- WhitePaper translation: 20
- OnePager translation: 3
- ANN thread translation: 6
- Local community management: 1 stake per post
- News traslation: 2 stake per one news post

You can help us with translation and local thread moderation in all of the local branches (except English). We would like you to translate our official thread, white paper, one pager and some news. To apply to this campaign, you should use this form.
▸▹ Participation status can be checked in this spreadsheet. There you can always check the counting of stakes and see the comments if something isn't counted.