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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

[ICO]BONPAY] Bonpay - Simple Bitcon Payment in Everyday Life

Bonpay Global Solutions For Freedom of Financial Payments!

As we know about Bitcoin and some altcoins as well as Ethereum is increasing in the world, this is because the blockchain technology possessed by Bitcoin and Ethereum helps the cryptocurrency community to create something more useful for the life of the world community, especially for fintech and star up With more and more interested in the blockchain technology in it Bitcoin and Ethereum increasing demand / demand is very high on these two digital currencies, so the price to 2 cryptocurrency this in one year has increased more than 1,000%. And not just these two digital currencies are high price increases, but also many other altcoins.

Bonpay is a team or a group of highly experienced professionals and also a fan of crypto. their main goal in making this project is to promote the use of criptocurrency is simpler, faster and safer. the bonpay party has thoroughly analyzed the situation in the market and got a conclusion that long transaction time and financial crypto confirmations make it more difficult for users to use their blockchain assets for business or for individuals.
With the existence of such problems, the bonpay team is committed to changing the situation and will remove the barriers that occur to obtain a stable and fast work from the new system.

So what are the alternatives?

For most citizens in the first World countries Bitcoin and other digital currencies are a completely useless thing — a dead-end technology, not interesting to large banks and the government, used only by geeks, drug dealers and crazy libertarians.
Although, people still use Bitcoin. Not in vain.
Bitcoin, like other digital currencies allows you to make cheap money transfers abroad, which is a good alternative to services such as Western Union and Paypal.
As an example, you can take Nigeria. According to the report of the company Enhancing Financial Innovation— only 36 percent of the country’s population has access to banking services. According to representatives of the organization Enhancing Financial Innovation and Access, more than half of the adult population of Nigeria uses money from unofficial means, such as prepaid debit cards in order to send money, or transfer money through relatives who are going on a trip. Both methods are extremely inconvenient and quite slow. In addition, they cannot always be considered safe. Most people start their acquaintance with cryptocurrencies just out of interest, some people do it under pressure as they simply have no other alternative for money transfer.

Easy remittances in several clicks

As we see, a more accessible alternative is required.
That’s why Bonpay, which deals with sending money online, uses its technology to create a network of money transfers that will cover the whole World.
In Bonpay we are trying to create a cheap way to send money to friends and relatives, which is much more difficult to do in Western Africa than in the first World countries.
Due to the huge number of computers around the globe, the system developed by Bonpay allows you to send and receive money in any currency you need. You can send money in Bitcoins, and they are automatically converted and could be received in local currencies. Users, whose country of residence allows to order Bonpay card could do it even easier, but those, who have difficulties accessing banking services, can use Bonpay wallet instead. Using the Bitcoin wallet, you can transfer your funds as easy as possible and without internal commissions. All in one wallet — receive, store, convert, spend and transfer Bitcoin in any way you want.

A question of time

Bitcoin grows by leaps and bounds, and this growth represents a vital threat to Western Union and similar services that are exploiting fees for remittances.
Crypto-currencies are not just a concept, but a multibillion-dollar operating industry. And the days of money transferring services, lining one’s pockets on exorbitant commissions for the privilege of moving your own money around the world, sooner or later will be numbered.
Bonpay is the payment solution, which will be able to expand the remittance market greatly.

What are the issues that need to be resolved and what is Bonpay's goal?

* Increased interest in cryptocurrency by the world community, led to the emergence of different methods of withdrawal, including bank transfers, exchanges into other digital currencies, as well as direct Bitcoin payments for purchases of goods and services. However, this method has its own problems because bank transfer and exchange to other e-currency has a very high cost. See the credit card and credit card payment options used by the community very much and very interested, because it can be brought anywhere in the world to make payments in large supermarkets to small shops and even online portals.

* Increased adoption of Bitcoin into widespread use of credit and debit cards has led to the creation of plastic cards for Bitcoin withdrawals but most of the previous projects have many drawbacks such as high withdrawal costs so that the previous project received little support from the cryptocurrency community and ultimately failed . For that BonPay card has a purpose to be better, Bonpay Card is the ideal choice to be utilized to attract funds for traders kriptocurrency, miners, internet marketers, webmasters, and casual workers. It can be used easily and quickly regardless of geographical and banking limits. In addition to these benefits, Bonpay cards also allow employers to make payments to their staff without incurring excessive transaction costs, saving time and money.

* Some of the other goals and advantages Bonpay offers are:
Available in any web version
Payment options with many options, such as: Bitcoin, Paypal, International and local bank transfer.

* There is an option to buy Bitcoin with Bonpay Card and with Paypal
Excess to save funds in the wallet or on the card
We can order plastic / virtual cards in EUR / USD and other currency types will be available in the future

* Plastic cards will enable ATM withdrawals worldwide and are virtual in nature that will reduce the risks associated with online transactions.
Bonpay will reward its users. BON token holders will get an incentive of 0.65% of each payment made by the owner of Bonpay Сard.

* All Bonpay Сard users will receive a 0.15% cashback in the BON token form, so the token holder receives an additional benefit. Rewards will be paid monthly from any payments made by Bonpay Сard users. This token BON, which is allocated for reward payments to users, with this reward will consequently have a positive impact on the token price.
Bonpay aims to support as many types of cryptocurrencies as possible to provide services for each crypto community. That is why Bonpay clients will be able to fill the Bonpay card balance with many ERC20 tokens, including BON tokens, as well as with BTC and ETH, and make payments with their cards without any problems.

What features, advantages and advantages of Bonpay Card from others?

*In addition to offering faster Bitcoin and other digital currency withdrawals and can make payments for goods and services at a lower cost wherever, below are the features and other benefits that Bonpay cards provide for their users:

*Data protection is controlled by our own. With the security system in Bonpay you become the direct owner of the account, because we own the private keynya hold.

*Diversify risk.

*Multi currency account. Bonpay Wallet supports various types of digital currencies and is compatible with various blockchains.

*Decentralized digital asset storage.
Ability to transfer and exchange funds in 125+ types of digital currencies at a transparent and fair price.

*High blockchain asset protection, due to 2 FA.
User-friendly interface, you will be able to see the history of the outflow of funds in the account, also available dashboards with graphics and up-to-date information on interest rates, shopping history, blockchain transactions, money entry history etc. All your payment history history is also available, so you can manage your own expenses on the go
Account customization, a feature to manage the withdrawal and payment restrictions we make.

*0.15% of each user payments with Bonpay Card, will get rewards that will be paid every month so that each cardholder can also be a token holder and get additional benefits
Sustainability provided by Decentnalized Liquidity Network (DLN)

Detail Token Sale / ICO Bonpay.

ICO will start in October, 51% of the total token will be sold in this ICO. Furthermore, 34% of the token quantities made will be used for business development expenses, the smooth operation of the products, increasing products and profits in the market, constant market monitoring, creating new opportunities for products to users, developing team skills and for developing other project matters. The remaining 15% of BON tokens are addressed to the Bonpay team, initial investors and advisors.


PRICE: 500 BON / 1 ETH
PURCHASE: ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH, ETC, BCH, XRP, USDT & all types of token ERC20.
STAR ICO: October 24, 2017 (visit his website more
BONUS ICO: + 20% (first 24 hours), + 15% (days 2-3), + 10% (days 4-7), 5% (days 8-14)

author rhyoanime 
eth address : 0x1c2daB0bC25205e34C7787ccf5F20B9A20B0B410

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