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Monday, 30 October 2017

[ICO][Datum] : A Decentralized Data Storage Service

DATUM - Network Platform Marketplace Data Decentralized

Datum - We are now living in an era where internet and technological developments are always growing very fast. Everyone every day always access the internet whenever and wherever. Starting from social media, blog or other services into the needs that can not be separated.

Every time we use the internet there are things we might not think about. That is about the data traffic that exist in the virtual world. Imagine the world's leading social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others must have a huge data storage place.

Every one of us browsing on the internet service definitely membuthkan data that describes the user. The data that describes you will be automatically stored in the database of the services you use. Of course you will not be asked to pay every time they store your data. That is the data they will need to detect your profile. This will relate to the ads that will appear on your account's homepage.

With such conditions it makes some people uncomfortable because the data is controlled by other parties. Anxiety will always arise especially if the data is exploited by hackers and potentially harmful users. This data storage service needs to be improved in order to better ensure user convenience.

Datum encompasses the following key elements:

A fast decentralized data store allowing users to store structured data securely running on a smart contract blockchain

The DAT token enabling this data storage and sharing.The data marketplace, enabling individuals to monetize their data on their terms. Datum  leverages   BigchainDB   and  IPFS   to   provide   an  infinitely   scalable, decentralized data storage backend. Data storage and data sharing is paid for by the DAT token.

The Datum network will consist out of 3 Billion DAT tokens, with 1.53 billion DAT tokens available in a public token crowdsale.

The  Datum  network  aims  to  provide  entities  such as researchers,  companies  or individuals the  most  efficient and frictionless access to data while respecting the data owner’s terms and conditions.  By becoming a dominant data marketplace, Datum aims to  revolutionize  the  existing  data market where data creators are rarely paid for the data and the monetization happens by middle men who do not add any value.

The Datum network will support initiatives that aim to increase control of data by their sources (e.g.  individuals).     We  aim  to  work towards a future  where data is first and foremost  owned by their  creator (e.g.  an individual posting an image) and where the creator can choose to share, monetize or destroy this data based on their own purview.

This is in stark contrast with current data silos which collect vast amounts of humanities data under restrictive  licensing  terms,  e.g. an individual giving up most  rights to their image when  posting it on Instagram.   We feel that legislation in many regions is being worked on towards giving back more  control of user  data to the users themselves and feel the  Datum network is an important facilitator and technical solution for such a future.


We live in a knowledge economy where data is a strategic asset that allows companies to  acquire and maintain their competitive edge. The value of raw data varies from a hundred cents  to  over  a hundred dollars  per  individual. The  more  it  is  enriched, analyzed and leveraged for specialized uses, the more its value increases.

Despite the large-scale monetization of personal data, the only player in the chain that is currently not getting paid is paradoxically the individual him/herself - who happens to be the source of harvested data.


Submit  data.  Data  can be  personal  data and collections  thereof  or  data from  IOT
devices and any other  data source

Storage Nodes
Provide  compute power   and storage capacity  to  store data  in the  de-centralized network.   Storage Nodes are part of the  BigchainDB cluster that allows Datum to provide global scale storage of submitted data.

Data Consumers

Any entity  wishing  to  access data.   Users  can grant data under their precise terms, either for free or for a fee.

DAT Token Holders
Govern  the  Datum network and provide the “fuel” enabling transactions on the Datum network.

Excess Datum
Datum focuses on structured data storage. Data is typically stored in databases (eg Excel files), and most other storage projects focus on the storage of files and other unstructured data. Unstructured data values ​​are very limited, while structured data can be read and interpreted by machines and algorithms, and that is where value is most. Technically, Datum is a measurable global "storage node" cluster, based on MongoDB, which is a mature and stable NOSQL database. Most other storage projects use file systems to store files (blobs), not structured data. This will be an advantage over Datum compared to other data storage services.

Datum will also provide a good service for users that not only as data storage but also can sell the data they have to the parties they want. Barikut is a Datum layana in detail:

Decentralized data storage >> Datum will offer a secure, easy, controllable and decentralized data storage service. This is a service that has never been provided by any data service provider.
Storage nodes >> Miners running the storage node will be paid for storing and granting low access to data
Trade >> Users can choose to share their data selectively or even sell their data to trusted entities







17 Oktober 2017 – 17 November 2017


10’000 DAT = 1 ETH


1.530.000.000 DAT



Team Datum

Roger Haenni, Co-Founder and CEO
Gebhard Scherrer, Co-Founder
VC Tran, Co-Founder
Theo Valich, Head of Growth
Florian Honegger, Smart Contract Expert
Vitaly Krinitsin, Community Manager


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