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Saturday, 28 October 2017

[ICO][GLADIUS] Fights DDOS attacks

Gladius Network Shared Economy for Content Delivery and DDoS Protection

Internet Age
Everyday, 40 petabytes of data flows through the internet.
Most of the malicious traffic from denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks is distributed, a common bot-based attack that slows access to online services, forcing legitimate websites and applications offline. Companies that were devastated by this attack lost an average of $ 500,000 per attack. Over 300,000 DDoS attacks annually mean an annual loss of $ 150 billion.
What's more, every day, millions of online businesses lose potential users or customers due to a poor user experience. According to data from Google and Kissmetrics, the average user will only wait about 3 seconds before deciding to leave a website. Users need the next page to load to find what's next and what to click on. They need a prompt around the loading screen to see the big yellow buttons that seem to order them to be purchased. They ask for their favorite social media sites to load as soon as possible to connect with their peers with an unrelenting need for human contact.
Of course there are tools and resources available to increase website loading speed and protect from traffic-based attacks like DDoS.

The question? is whether they are affordable, accessible, scalable, and customizable. All existing solutions currently lose at least one of these important features. Fortunately blockchain technology solves this with a decentralized sharing economy.
At Gladius, we have made it our mission to harness the power of decentralization in optimizing network traffic for the speed and robustness of DDoS attacks. Our platform is the next step in the evolution of website optimization and protection services.

DDoS Protection is for Everyone
DDoS attacks can be expensive and debilitating for any business. While some believe that only large companies are at risk, 50% of all websites will be victims of denial of service attacks. It is integral that all online organizations have multiple solutions to protect from the worst.
DDoS attacks cost millions for household names like Twitter, BBC, and Netflix. DDoS attacks can be rumored to cost companies between $ 100,000 and $ 250,000 per hour. And for big businesses that rely on online traffic for revenue, DDoS mitigation solutions can spend tens of millions just to fight when an attack is being done.

Speed ​​is Game Name
All modern websites are created and grow on one thing: speed. Every business should know that enhanced site response time can be translated to improved conversions and revenue. Improving delivery across global audiences can also be a success factor in growing your business to customers all over the world. Content delivery networks significantly cut the load time up to a fraction of the normal amount.
The big profits from CDN to businesses are easily seen by the fact that the CDN market by 2015 is worth $ 4.95 billion dollars - a figure that is expected to more than triple from 2020 to $ 15.73 billion dollars.

Blockchain - The Missing Puzzle Piece
The ability to reduce DDoS attacks while creating an effective and secure CDN puts our team in a unique position. Fully utilizing blockchain technology allows us to put power in the hands of the people. Having an independent node platform that is able to transfer money without stopping consists of our core network.

Network nodes and ponds lead to highly competitive markets where pools can manage prices, special network settings, and compete for businesses. As a consequence, users will get the best service with the most competitive price. It is our mission to make the internet safer and faster for business and end users.


Gladius provides comfort and commonly used protection services at affordable and manageable prices to your liking. This is the advantage of interfaces, in addition to easy to use also has a great tool insight. This is what distinguishes Gladius with other platforms where other platforms have weak customer protection and low site speed when accessed.

Danger that could happen

$ 500,000 disappears when DDos attacks appear, a number that is not small if you lose that much money. 6 hours the average time it takes when DDos attacks. With time that can be said not too long, DDos can destroy your system easily. 50% of some sites will be attacked by DDos. This threat is really disturbing the owner of the site, of course you must have data protection on your site to prevent DDos fiddling with your site so you suffer huge losses. Do not you regret it. 500 mb / sec average speed in DDos attack. The fast access speed enables them ie DDos to hack your site quickly without taking a long time. 300,000 Total DDos attacks this year in attack. This attack is an attack that has a number of attacks that can be said not the least and disturbing many of the site owners. $ 150 billion total damage caused by DDos in this year. What do you think with that number? is not that a huge amount and not a bit? DDos gives a lot of cost-loss impact. If you do not have a protection that can prevent or avoid DDos attacks then of course you may be the next victim to be stolen money.

You can provide bandwidth rates for rent as your computer backup network after which you can get a Gladius token. A benefit offered by Gladius to improve the quality of your site.

 Gladius web portal

This service allows you to monitor attacks and bandwidth usage while you can get information about your traffic by using a web portal provided by Gladius. With this portal you can find out when DDos come to attack your site so you are better prepared to face this attack.

Network pool gladius

Market exploration and pool point you choose by taking into account your price, place or location and availability. This option is only for you when you use the Gladius service. With this Network Pool then you will easily get and know the condition of global market and can choose pool according to your wishes.

Client nodes will easily be able to create a local account and wallet, configure the network settings to open any necessary ports, join any pools that they are best suited for, and start earning GLA. Users will be able to toggle when they are renting their spare bandwidth in a matter of seconds. Advanced features include configuration settings that allow automatically toggling the service based upon the time of day, other programs running, and other in-depth user-configurable parameters.
With Gladius, it’s all about empowering everyone to contribute in making the internet a better and safer place through faster website access and by DDoS attack mitigation
all while making money in return.


Author : Rhyoanime
Address ETH 

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