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Monday, 16 October 2017


Playkey is a cloud gaming platform, allowing gamers to play top-rated games on obsolete PC and Mac. We have spent 4 years on developing gaming technology that is already available in EMEA and CIS countries on PLAYKEY.NET and used by 1M gamers every month on 100+ Nvidia Grid powered servers based in London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Moscow. Our team of 45 experienced R&D specialists collaborates directly with leading game publishers including Ubisoft, Bethesda and Wargaming and is backed by a large European VC fund.

Purpose and technical description of the token
Playkey introduces an open source cryptographic token – PKT. PKT is a cryptocurrency that
will be used to buy and sell cloud gaming subscriptions as well as other Playkey services and future
products. It will be the unit of account for all economic transactions within the Playkey Ecosystem,
and will be used as a basis for interaction with other digital services.
PKT is a fixed-supply cryptocurrency. It is long-term non-inflationary. Units of PKT are fungible
and transferable, and they are expected to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges.
PKT will be implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain in accordance with the ERC20
(Ethereum Token Standard). Any token implemented according to the ERC-20 standard is compatible
with the existing infrastructure of the Ethereum ecosystem, which allows for quick and easy
implementation. Advanced functions and high activity within the Ethereum ecosystem make
it the most suitable for issuing PKT.

The Playkey Foundation
The Playkey Foundation is a management company within the Playkey Ecosystem.
It will be responsible for increasing the platform’s popularity, managing the key rules of the ecosystem,
and developing a core strategy.
The primary goal of the Foundation is to develop an open gaming ecosystem that users can find
value in, and simultaneously supply miners (and other service carriers) with an open and sustainable
platform to broaden, deliver, and enhance those services, as well as attract users.
The Foundation’s responsibilities will include managing the Playkey Company and financing
it for software development needs. The Playkey Company will also do all the negotiations with gaming
publishers, and will clear all the legal issues to make games available in the system.
The Playkey Foundation will direct and fund the development of tools that give ecosystem partners
the ability to build, grow, and create value for one another. The Playkey Foundation will further
this work by engaging development teams to continue improving the technology suite that supports
the Playkey Ecosystem.
All proceeds from miners will be channeled through the Playkey Foundation, which will fund
the development of the Playkey Ecosystem.

All parties benefit from participating in the Playkey Ecosystem:
Miners have an efficient choice to utilize their more stable, and less risky, computing capabilities compared to cryptocurrency mining.
Gamers will be able to choose the best and closest server to play.
Game developers and publishers will expand their client base.
Funds collected through ICO will be used for the development of Playkey Ecosystem and game popularization The main terms and conditions of the ICO and PKT tokens are as follows:
The amount of PKT to be issued is 100 000 000 units of divided and non-inflation long-term shares.
60% of tokens issued are intended for sale, 12.5% ​​are reserved for the Playkey Foundation, and the rest will be distributed among ICO team, escrow agent, gift and adviser.
The CCP proof must be implemented in the public etereum block [3] in accordance with ERC20 [4] (Token Token Standard Tokens).
The stamp is set at the level of PKT 100 000 000 (one hundred million).
ICO results will be used for Playkey Ecosystem and cloud gaming service development.
Considering the amount collected, the planned structure for the use of funds is as follows:
Marketing, promotional and PR services 25–45% of total funds.
R & D costs (especially salaries and wages) — 20–50%.
Infrastructure costs — 20–30%.
Operational costs — 4–5%.
Games move to the cloud, following videos, music and other services. For gamers, 10x game clouds are cheaper than having personal gaming hardware (PC / console), utilizing the share of economic principles.
Development of GPU, Internet, and low-latency streaming, has reduced the demand for personal gaming hardware. In fact, the next generation console could be the last it is based on hardware.
Moving games to cloud technology has now become inevitable — 70% of Steam players are Unable to play AAA titles like GTA V in high resolution, and 30% of players can not even run titles on their outdated PCs.
Demand for cloud games will continue to grow. The demand for the latest generation of hardware, and the increasing requirements of games caused by the resource-intensive VR technology, will make the home hardware more and more expensive and unfit for casual gamers.
Mission Playkey — to take advantage of the cloud game revolution during the early stages by decentralization.
Let all gamers play the games they want, on devices that connect to the Internet, use the decentralized cloud model, by utilizing technology, products and. the existing Playkey business.
Create the world’s largest platform and marketplace for all hardware providers, gamers and other participants in the growing cloud gaming industry.
Provide a decentralized ecosystem with core platelets for miners and gamers, based on blockchain technology, which provides GPU owners personal / professional with new ways of making money. A more efficient, more stable, and less risky way of crypto-mining, while Providing gamers with an affordable way to play AAA games, using the latest generaton hardware.

Website                                   : 
Type                                        :           ICO
Category                                 :           Gaming
Have Escrow                           :           No
Have working prototype         :           No
White paper                            :           Open
Currencies                               :           ETH
Platform                                  :           Ethereum
Location                                  :           Russia

Symbol            PKT
ICO Price of Token  
Start date        November 1, 2017
Closing date    December 1, 2017

The Playkey idea is to create an ecosystem for cloud gaming based on P2P and blockchain technologies featuring: -Dozens of independent owners of powerful computers worldwide (miners) united within a community, and acting as cloud gaming service providers; -A single universal ecosystem cryptocurrency — the PKT token— which will be issued via the ICO; -Unified high standards of cloud gaming service (SLA) set in the form of a miner-gamer smart contract; -A governing and community regulating body — Playkey Foundation, the issuer of the PKT token, responsible for service and ecosystem development.

1PKT = 0.009 ETH;
Investment cap is PKM 100M;
ICO start date — November 2017;
Playkey will launch ICO only on
Publishing and distribution of PKT
Playkey plans to create an ICO with a publishing volume of 100 000 000 PKT token to achieve the following objectives:
Integrate blockchain technology into Playkey game services.
Develop a decentralized, resource-efficient, secure and fast P2P game streaming solution, where miners can provide powerful resources to gamers.
Achieve 10 million active players in the United States, EMEA, and APAC regions.

Egor Gurjev – Founder, CEO of Playkey
Alexey Lykov – Founder, CTO
Vadim Andreev – Founder, Director of Game Strategy
Vladimir Shestakov – Development Team Leader
Roman Epishin – Marketing Director
Dmitriy Isaev – CFO
Maksim Kudymov – Product Manager

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