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Monday, 13 November 2017

How To Participate Bonpay

How To Participate In Token Bonpay

Hello Everyone, I will now share the procedure on how to participate in the sale of the Bonpay token, which is currently selling token. Before participating I will notify you

The payment method you can use is


Bonpay token price is 1 ETH = 600 Bonpay Token

Never send directly from wallet exchanger.

It is advisable to make payments with a private wallet that has a private key such as myetherwallet, Electrum 

and so forth.

How to Participate : 
1 Please visit the official link from bonpay here
2 Then click Participate
3 Then you will be directed to images like this

4 Please enter your email and click Participate
5 Next there is a window on rules and agreements

6 Please Scrool and tick I confirm that i have read ...
7 Then click I read and accept the terms and conditions
8 Next will be directed to the payment options menu

9 Please select the method that suits you.

10 Remember !! Do not send directly from exhanger like poloniex, bittrex and so forth. Use a payment method 

11 whose wallet has a private key.

11 Next there will be a wallet for payment. Please use the wallet to make payment. In this case I example with Ethereum

12 If appropriate please make a payment and wait until the process is complete
13 Done

The token will be sent to the Ethereum wallet from myetherwallet you own. And to check the incoming tokens you can check it by adding custom token. How can you see in this article. How to display the token in myetherwallet.

Token Contract Address: 0xCc34366E3842cA1BD36c1f324d15257960fCC801
Token Symbol: BON
Decimals: 18

That's roughly how to participate in token sales from Bonpay. If you have any questions please use some of the following contacts

Details Token

PRICE: 500 BON / 1 ETH
PURCHASE: ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH, ETC, BCH, XRP, USDT & all types of token ERC20.
STAR ICO: October 24, 2017 (visit his website more
BONUS ICO: + 20% (first 24 hours), + 15% (days 2-3), + 10% (days 4-7), 5% (days 8-14)

Author rhyoanime 
eth address : 0x1c2daB0bC25205e34C7787ccf5F20B9A20B0B410

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