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Friday, 17 November 2017

[ICO] BANKEX: The New Generation Bank

Bankex Tokenization of Assets

What is an asset liquidity?

Liquid assets are money or assets that are easily converted into cash. An asset so easily converted into cash equals its own cash because it can be sold with little impact on its value. Investment is also considered a liquid asset because it can be immediately liquidated.
Conventional transfer of assets requires a significant and high cost. When transferring takes space and time.
The trend of investors and business people is to make assets become liquid. By turning non-liquid assets into liquid assets, entrepreneurs will more easily grow their businesses, get fresh funds and transfer their business rights.

Bank is old, cited by the dearest BANKEX CEO, Igor Khmel. He claims that banks in these days are too old for the modern times that we live today and to adapt the challenges and challenges of the future to the current situation, BANKEX was created. BANKEX, is a comfortable bank that will secure how buyers and even various banks trade their products.
BANKEX is an organization founded by fintech who spends valuable time making innovations that can achieve digitization. Fintech (Financial Technology) - for those who have never heard of it before - is a combination of financial technology that describes the increasing segment of monetary administration in the 21st century. Initially, the term connected with innovation is connected to the final part of the built buyer and the company's budget exchange. Since the late decade of the 21st century, this term has been expanded to incorporate mechanical progress in the budget section, combining the development of proficiency and money-related instruction, retail savings, business and even digital currencies such as bitcoin.

Difference between Token and Digitization of assets.
The process of liquidity of assets that occurred so far is the method of digitization.
Digitization is about asset description and publishing on the market. Tokenisation is about asset description, validation with prophecy, asset price calculation, automatic audit, cash flow calculation based on its price.

BankEx has experienced rapid growth in the past 2 years; collected more than 1 million of the previous funds and received attention from Microsoft Azure through a $ 120K grant.
The platform has proven track record as a Startup Fintech incubator through funding 2 businesses and starting a business 5. BankEx has 10 bank customers, a team of professional financial advisors, and a leading chain of technology block partners.

Last mentioned - Pre-ICO collects $ 1.5 Million.
The BankEx team has the credentials and resources to make this project not only successful, but to create something that truly revolutionizes assets on a chain of blocks

Bankex Foundation
BANKEX Foundation is a non-commercial self-help organization that has a member community engaged in intelligent contract work and development for new Smart Assets and Product Instances made with its participation

Bankex Crowdsale (ICO)
To participate in ICO please visit Bankex website.
Bankex will implement ICO and invite investors to invest. Investors can invest with ETH, BTC. You will receive a BKC ERC-20 token in Etherium Wallet. Use a compatible Etherium wallet to receive the ERC-20 Standard token. Do not forget to always secure your wallet.


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