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Saturday, 18 November 2017

[ICO] - FLIXXO New Video Sharing Platform Called Flixxo

Bittorrent and Cryptocurrency Working Together in New Video Sharing Platform Called Flixxo

Long before the development of Ethereum and Bitcoin, social media has built a very significant value by using various tools, how is this possible and what you can get? Let's take a closer look at this evolution.

Social media platforms that have been created and are still operating with the platform. It is a great thing that often, in lieu, it is an acknowledgment of one's work or image. This value can differ from one person to a project. All social networks today love the economy. However, there is a dilemma - you can not run out of likes, do you? This means love does not actually have - even today, you see millions of like-minded users to show respect for all sorts of content (such as low quality content or even fake news, as seen recently during the US election).

To solve this problem, a great new company has come up with a solution - they are developing a way to turn "likes" into tokens, to deliver this action as a value. And to do this, they have built the Flixxo platform. So, on this basis, Flixxo presents a free and transferable token. It can be traded and owned. Their search equals Mutual Turns, becoming likecoin.

New tokens (a type of coin) can actually change the way social interaction operational.

Flixxo's goal is to create FIRST LEGAL P2P FILE SHARING NETWORK. 

Law is the keyword
But you can perform the action of downloading this torrent service and streaming for free today. So why Flixxo? Why do they offer monetized money for something you can get for free? If you have an above VPN it is impossible to get caught and the defendant for participating in illegal file sharing. Well, somewhat, there is a lot of debate about this topic that can be researched independently. Either way, it is illegal to watch copywritten content without paying for it. Flixxo to change this game, allowing users to pay to watch with the money they get from advertising.
First, it is necessary to record the applications that will be available for smart computers, tablets, and devices.
Previously, your benefit to uploading content (sharing personal bandwidth) was the ability to download content. Flixxo will add different levels of appreciation for users to participate in their ecosystem, token! Do not be discouraged because the words are thrown too much lately. Owners have the right to earn a fee on their content and pay a portion of the profits to the seeders. A higher percentage will receive more views. If the user does not have enough FLIXX to watch a program, they can choose a sponsored version. For a detailed description of how this works, I include a quote from the Flixxo Chalkboard at the bottom of the article.

As before, Flixx tokens will be used on this network for liking content (likes) on social media. I pointed points / benefits associated with flixxo.

1. Flixxo is not just a network that distributes content, but also serves as a wallet for your flixx.
2. Token Flixxo can be transferred and very secure (This is the FLIXXO Service itself)
3. You can easily generate flixx by sharing and watching content on the platform
4. In addition, you can transfer flixx to friends (more efficient)
Above, you can use flixx to view the contents of interest on your platform page
6. In addition, you can use your flixx to buy items other than on the platform.
7.You can shop with token and majorly this, you can exchange flixx for other cryptococcus like bitcoin.

Author : rhyoanime

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