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Friday, 24 November 2017

[ICO] Latium LATIUM - the futuredirect the internet to your cause

Latium is the first and only tasking platform
This time I will introduce to you a Platform built in such a way that the market can actually be made on all oragn,

regardless of crypto knowledge they can also join this great project. But to achieve this goal, its founders need help, from all of us, to make it happen.

This token should feed a system that has real value for people. And that's what Latium did. The Latium platform creates a real economy based around LATX, so it's important to, at least visit their site to find out more or register their whitelist.

Latium Skerang is already very ready to take the idea of ​​the ethos created and turn it into reality. Lumum is the only tasking platform that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to provide reputation value to task makers and task makers, providing a quantitative and unbiased quality assurance system. for all users.
In addition, things affect why Latium maximizes the revenue potential for the task force, by lobbying and localizing job opportunities for users. Then we will discuss the whole platform of Latium, before we proceed to the next discussion I thank you very much have visited my article hopefully the information I write here useful for you, all that I summarized in this article based on what I read and understand the on its official website and ANN thread from latium. I am ayuwick, say to all of you to read

The Speed ​​of Adaptation Cryptocurrencies by Real World is too low: Cryptococcus has been in talks for the past year and the world knows about them now but crypto adaptation around the world is not as fast as expected. The main reason behind it is that it is not easy to get into this world for the layman. This major obstacle has created a problem for crypto that is acceptable worldwide as a source of transactions. Latium presents the solution of this problem by introducing a marketplace hub to enter the world of cryptocurrencies. Each individual can complete the task created by others and can get rewards in the form of LATX tokens.

 This LATX Token can also be used to create or create new tasks by people who want to hire a workforce to get things done. Therefore, Latium has allowed any individual interested in obtaining and using cryptouric at no additional entrance fee.

The Global Digital Employment Market has Transparency issues:
The global labor market has a pool of discrimination including regional and national. This rule has created a lot of confusion as well as disappointment because employees find it harder to work with them transparently. With Latium, it is now easier to find tasks for yourself globally and can have previous admissions facilities to ensure maximum transparency. This not only increases the trust factor but also gives freedom to the creator of the task of not paying if it is still not completed according to the mentioned standards.

Extra Advantages in latium: Our products are easily accessible with fair and transparent action mode. Our platform is completely free for everyone and generates real-time payments for completed tasks.
Note: White listing is now open.
How Latium Platform works in real life ..
Latium is the only tasking platform that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to provide reputation value to task makers and task takers, providing a quantitative and non-biased quality assurance system for all users. In addition, Latium maximizes the revenue potential for the task force, by lobbying and localizing employment opportunities for users. Now let's take an example of how this lithium works and works directly, now we Imagine a user who wants to promote a new apartment.
create a new task with event details. When potential buyers arrive directly, they must scan the QR code, scan the code in the task assignment or remain on the GPS perimeter specified for the event for the specified time to validate their participation.

After the event ends, they can scan other codes to complete the payment or just enjoy automatic payments validated by GPS data. In-person multi-contract work in Latium technology is used on marketing events or even political or associative projects and is still widely used for everything else.

The Latium token name is LATX, The number of tokens available for both sales will be 60% of all Latium Tokens produced 180,000,000.
LATX is divided in the following ways:
60% for sales = 180,000,000 LATX tokens
20% for incentive adoption, = 60,000,000 LATX tokens
15% for the founding board = 45,000,000 LATX tokens
5% for prize program = 15,000,000 LATX tokens

60,000,000 LATX tokens, representing 20% ​​of the total production will be used to promote the Latium Platform as soon as the operation begins. Lockup founder, here, 45,000,000 LATX, representing 15% of the total supply will be jailed for one year. These funds will be used to expand administrative equipment after being fired in key areas and founding equities. The Bounty program will take 5% ie 15,000,000 LATX.
That's for reward program. This token will provide incentives to register and use the platform during production. LATX Latium issued the most common ERC-20 LEGAS tokens, ICO tokens and secure tokens, for operating on smart contracts. Previously, Latium issued a LAT token for presale - this token could be exchanged for LATX.

The problem Latium can solve in real life

(1) The absence of a rapid payment system for all generations that work for us in other words workers. The Latium Platform can issue all payments in the form of a LATX token, thus creating a real-time payment method within the platform. This evidence can be withdrawn once the employer marks the task completed. Job creators are encouraged to complete payments as quickly as possible because these variables affect the value of their reputation.
(2) Lack of interest in cryptocurrency by the real world. Platforms created by Latium can solve this problem by creating an easy-to-use market where everyone who wants to do a job is paid with a LATX token. LATX can also be used for task creation, which means anyone who wants to see the work done can use LATX to pay for the work done.
(3) Lack of a transparent global labor market. Currently the labor market is divided into several groups based on local, regional and national regulations. This labor market segmentation is just as bad for employees as entrepreneurs. As an employee, depending on the jurisdiction, difficult to find a job and a living wage.
(4) Real market demand will be cryptocurrency. Latium responded to this problem by creating a real economy for LATX. LATX is the fuel needed for the platform to work. Buy and sell tokens activity must be closely correlated with platform usage and not pure financial speculation.

Benefits provided by Latium

The first easy access leads to crypto, the second easy access to the worker, the third easy access for work, the fourth fair and transparent, the fifth free for use by anyone and anytime, all six have a flexible design, of which seven can used for many relationships, eight reputation reputation system, the last is the payment can be made on time

Proof Of Concept Q3-4 2016

Beta Release 1st Quarter 2018

App Layout And UI/UX Design 2nd Quarter 2017

Production Release To App Store And Google Play 1st-2nd Quarter 2018

Base Code Creation 2nd Quarter 2017

Production Release To Web 2nd-3rd Quarter 2018

Release 2nd Quarter 2017

On The Fly LATX Conversion 2nd-3rd Quarter 2018

Initial Token Sale 3rd & 4th Quarter 2017

Multiple Currency Integration 2nd-3rd Quarter 2018

Alpha Release 4th quarter 2017

Migration To Full Blockchain System 1st Quarter 2019


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