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Sunday, 26 November 2017


TokenBox : provides access to platform services

What is tokenbox?
Tokenbox is a unique ecosystem that unites funds and cryptococcus under the management of highly professional managers and traders on the one hand and investors on the other.

Investors will be given very easy access to the best strategies for managing funds in the crypto market with a high level of security in the process. Portfolio managers and traders, including professional teams, must receive a ready-made "box" solution for the creation of their own tokenized funds, operate professionally, transparently and within the applicable legal framework. The technical solutions offered by Tokenbox enable the fund management process and its development in an efficient and technologically efficient way. Thus, investors can choose between different legal and audite funds, in accordance with the ratio of risk and return inherent.

The platform is also created based on a set of microservices tools that have been written in Python / Java. Separate interface to allow interaction between each user group and system partner to use. The Tokenization of all merchants takes place on the Ethereum Platform based on the ERC20 token.

Tokenbox feature
Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet
Universal crypto currency purse for secure digital asset storage. The wallet lets you store all crypto-major currencies and tokens. For convenience, there are two types of "Easy" and "Professional" wallets that can store keys both inside and outside the system.

Invest in Pro Trader and Funds
Tokenbox is a platform for professionals only. Participating sellers and funds are carefully selected and reviewed. We do Due Diligence from all traders. And no funds can withdraw assets from client accounts. Assessment System and "Advisory Services" can assist you in making optimal choices from the merchants shown in our system.

Pay with Credit / Debit Card and Fiat money
The integrated payment gateway with our platform allows you to receive payments in traditional "fiat" currency (USD, EUR). Investors can convert fiat currency into crypto and token currencies, and perform counter-operations on the Tokenbox platform.

Legal Clarity and Transparency
Carry out activities on the Tokenbox Platform within the relevant legislative infrastructure. Tokenbox is a legal "umbrella". Thus, funds and traders can minimize their legal costs. Tokenbox promises to perform KYC / AML for user investors and also liaise with the required data verification system.

Fundamentalization of Funds
Investors can make joint settlement by using their token in accordance with the respective Smart Contract. This token is analogous to the Fund Unit, and its value depends on the profitability and dynamics of portfolio capitalization fluctuations. Investors can buy tokens, store them and maintain them until maturity. Token can also be accessed in the organized market - bursa.

Process Token Platform (Event Token Generation)
The Token generation process (ticker - TBX) is compiled using smart contracts on the Ethereal platform. Thus, TBX is a standard benchmark of ERC-20 and can be stored by investors using different wallets and services.
TGE is planned on a limited release (Issue). In total, no more than 31,000,000 TBX will be released. The number of tokens issued depends on the amount invested. Number of tokens after TGE can not be upgraded.

The 1 TBX fee for investors at all stages of TGE is 1 USD, Release of TBX token and delivery to TGE participant wallet made within 10 days after completion of TGE. Representatives from The Token Fund and Zerion monitor intelligent contracts and addresses, for which a collection of cryptocurrencies is created, using multi-signatures. It is also planned to attract an escrow agent.

Tokenbox project is the fruit of the team led by Viktor Shpakovsky and Vladimir Smerkis. Beside them there is a lot of other developers, designers, architects and marketing experts who help them in project work. Together they have the knowledge they need to cope with any challenge that comes their way. Many projects lack the expertise and the wide range of people like this project.

The project seems very interesting and here we gave you basic information. We tried to get you closer to this promising project, but in order to find out all the information, to the level of detail, we recommend that you look at the official whitepaper, very detailed and clear for understanding, you were an expert or beginner in blockchain technologies, which can be found at the following link:

Offer tokens

There is also a public offer of tokens. You can support the project and thus enable development and in turn get tokens, and thus participate in the revolution. The Token Generation starts on November 14th. and you can participate at a price of $ 1 for 1 TBX. They are collected using BTC and ETH currencies. The circulation will find 31 000 000. You can participate in the tokens offer at the following link:

Bounty Campaign
You can also take part in so-called bounty programs. This means you can support a project through social networks, help founders in various translations, write blogs, engage in signature campaigns, etc. For more information, see:

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