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Saturday, 18 November 2017

IDEX AURORA [New Ethereum Trading Platform]

WELCOME here , In Article on IDEX

What is aurora idex?
Aurora Idex is a digital token-based currency trading platform that is decentralized as it is etherdelta. But here there are more advantages possessed by the aurora is able to order instantly, order cancellation without charge and order book updates in real time.

Aurora Idex will also be able to overcome the problems that currently occur when doing trade like

1. No gas charges when order or cancel
2. Extraordinary trading speed faster without any limitations by block
3. Can make many orders without any limitations
4. Gas costs when trading is low
5. Order book fast

How Aurora Idex Works?
Unlike a decentralized exchanger in general, IDEX smart contracts are specially designed for users to feel comfortable while trading and only trade is submitted to send trades signed to Ethereum. This allows IDEX to control the order in which transactions are processed, which separates the trading actions from the final settlement.

As users exchange their real-time balance exchangers, private to them are used together to authorize trades in contracts. This authorization prevents the user from canceling the completed trade and preventing the IDEX from starting an inappropriate trade.

Official transactions are then forwarded to arbitrators who manage pending transaction queues. Arbiter sends them in sequence to ensure that every trade has mine in the correct order and that the balance of the smart contract remains in sync with the balance of the exchanger.

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You can find out how interesting the platform is from visiting the site
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Go to Idex website

IDEX - Decentralized Exchange
Here are some features of the trading platform at Idex
1. Unbelievable
2. Tradespeed
3. Order book updates
4. Automatic trade matching
5. Order the gas free limit
6. Gas Free Command cancel
7. The amount of gas per trade
8. No race conditions
9. Scalability

IDEX is a decentralized hybrid exchange that combines real-time trading with blockchain-based security. IDEX has expanded its existing exchange technology and created a market-leading decentralization exchange. By separating the trading process from the final settlement, IDEX allows traders to buy and sell continuously without waiting for previous trades. IDEX combines the speed and user experience of centralized exchange with the security and audit capabilities of a decentralized exchange. IDEXis the first of many dapps to receive boreals as payment. Merchants who pay fees at boreals will receive a 5% trading fee discount. Boreals are used for a fee priced at 1 USD per unit, regardless of current open market trading prices. 

This encourages merchants to buy boreals and act as a fair price base for the currency. Traders may use boreal as a stable base currency for trading or as a hedge against market volatility. Distributed ComputingAurora will switch from semi-decentralized architecture to fully decentralized architecture that begins with Snowglobe, a protocol that enables the leading decentralized exchange to operate on shared orderbooks. Snowglobe will serve as the backbone of the Aurora network, using distributed computing to decentralize other components such as AI bankers, who are responsible for managing Decentralized Capital, or autonomous market makers that help maintain the stability of boreal prices. Over time Aurora will evolve to achieve the vision of a strong and transparent financial system that is available to everyone.

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