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Monday, 4 December 2017

[ICO] Belugapay - Live VISA & MasterCard certification

Live VISA & MasterCard certification

In this article, I myself will discuss about
 its technology and its robot principle. In today's article, we will discuss the prospect and further development of the BelugaPay project.
So, let's see!

BelugaPay is an electronic service provider, a system that transfers digital payment assistance to small and larger entrepreneurs.

Despite technological advances in finance over the last few decades, it is clear that access to basic financial services remains very low.

So here BelugaPay provides a service for digitizing payments, which allows each client to transition to a non-cash payment level. According to statistics for 2017, more than 2 billion people, as a percentage of it - about 39% of the population, still counting goods or services provided, in cash.
However, financial exclusion remains largely intact and becomes accessible, as most traders still work only on a cash basis. But still, I also want to note that 10% of sellers are currently receiving digital payments.

One of Beluga's main goals is to use blockplain and cryptocurrencies to develop an open source resource migration platform. This will allow for the digitization of financial sector tools, and the BELUGA mission is to help billions of non-banks to become part of a new and better global financial system.
The company also has a strong and promising connection with, Beluga uses its IP, stable partnerships, and technology.

When it comes to services provided by Beluga, they are quite easy to use:
- Beluga Restaurant Edition mobile app;
- use of Fiat currency or BBI currency;
is an easy and easy way for beginners.
And of course, it takes a few words about Beluga team composition - which is one of the most important components of the success of this project. Beluga really works with talented professionals, who have a wonderful opportunity to improve the financial calculations between buyers and sellers. Who will try to make payments and our financial environment more reliable and open in the banking environment.

It also needs to be considered in more detail all the details of ICO
The project is coming out on the Ethereum Blockchain platform with the ERC20 standard, which is reliable today.
During the ICO period, the maximum number of token firms is 40 million BBI.

Beluga has been named the popular Beluga whale that is considered a brilliant and social creature. The items and administration that come out of this organization's enclosure perfectly fit the attributes and behavior of these whales. This is a consolidated organization in Canada. The organization operates in several countries such as Mexico, Canada, India, Joined Kingdom and Latvia. most engineers and professionals work from their offices in Guadalajara, Mexico.
For several years many Fortune 50 administrative associations and organizations were added to this organization. Visits to their site or by sending your email have the capacity to find out about the goods and administration they offer.
Organizations that have solid ties with and utilize IPs, associations, innovations and subsequently utilize their groups and licenses.


All tokens that will not be sold after the end of ICO will soon be burned, this is an important factor for the company's own investors, as it will now increase their own token value.
The maximum part of fundraising within ICO is
100,000 ETH.

The cost of one BBI token will depend on the investment stage of the investor in ICO. There is a flexible bonus offer;

From 1 to 31 October 2017-35% bonus (1 ETH-388.80 BBI)
From 1 to 31 November 2017-20% bonus (1 ETH-345.60 BBI)
From January 1 to 14 (1 ETH-288 BBI)
Information about the BelugaPay platform concept, about teams and taking direct participation in their ICO, 

you can by visiting the following link.

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