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Sunday, 10 December 2017

[ICO] BITMORA - Not Just Listen to People, But Also Make Ideas Real.

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How does the Service build Bitmora?

Bitmora allows users to globally exchange cryptocurrency and vote on the framework on which the exchange will be built. The current cryptocurrency exchange generates a market worth $ 100 billion, but we find that even the largest exchanges do not have the technology and social framework needed to meet the needs of their ever-changing users. Bitmora is set to host fully functional mobile apps, support staff of the phone over time, and an established user voting system to give users tremendous trading experience.


You may not know, but there is a silent war that continues in the world of ciptocurrency. This is a war waged above the crypto exchange market share, and the battleground is which exchange will first offer the most complete package. A package that meets the needs of consumers.
The exchange can be spelled out what makes the crypto world in the world change. Without them, the market will not be able to operate. Stock market share is not trivial, because a lot of money is at stake. However, the competition is very tight because there are more exchanges in the market than you can sway. In short, we recommend that you have a good value proposition at this time if you feel you deserve a place on the table.
To compete, new businesses generally embrace a tried and true strategy of "one-upping" your competitors. As a result, witnessing the adult exchange industry is almost like watching the Game of Thrones, where the exchange tries to find the right combination of skills that will win the hearts of customers and the Iron Throne. That combination could mean better marketing budgets, interfaces, or just a few items that represent a better overall package. This escalation is naturally occurring within the maturing industry. We know it's usually "progress." This is a good thing because consumers are the big winners after the dust settles.
I can not speak for everyone, but there is an exchange that I like and which I can not use. Like myself, I'm sure everyone has a threshold where it's not worth the frustration to be used and I'm sure most people, like myself, are looking for the first opportunity to transfer assets. However, the cryptocurrency market is still maturing, and I think we are now witnessing the exchange of both generations.
To conclude, I will answer the initial question and say that I believe there is room for improvement. If business is a war then bitmora has armed itself with a strong value proposition and waits to enter the fray.

Core Values.
Bitmora's goal is to revolutionize the way the world sees cryptocurrency investment. All major revolutions have been achieved not by the leader alone, but by the people behind the leader. Instead of going against history, we will put all major decisions directly in the hands of our users.

Community outreach
We care about our community and are willing to prove it. From day one, we will provide superior customer support to what is currently offered and mobile apps with coin offerings far exceed our competitors. More importantly, we recognize that the problems facing today's crypto-cardiac community will not be the same as tomorrow, so we've built a unique voting system that can adapt to this ever-changing landscape in a very efficient and fair way .
Citizen's awareness .
We want to help the world understand Bitcoin, Ethereal, and other altcoins. By placing a crypto future in the hands of our users and pairing with global crypto technology leaders, we will give the world a chance to not only testify, but play a role in the formation of the future currency.

Why do we need another exchange?

Bitmora is being developed to modernize the way cryptocurrency exchange operates. As a trader myself, I have direct experience with long time support and slow network speed.
Some reasons we need a new exchange:
Cost is too high. Paying a crazy 0.2 / 0.25 fee for each trade is done over $ 2,000. Because lowering costs will limit potential, we have decided to take another route. Our users will choose between a system of fixed costs and system-centric percentages, to satisfy merchants and investors with low and high volumes.

Things are getting slower. Really slow Coin volatility should not be a reason to slow network speed. We make it a top priority to have a measurable backend to prevent this problem.
No one in the financial sector has to wait more than 24 hours, let alone weeks to hear from a support agent. Bitmora will launch with live phone support with a guaranteed 12 hour ticket response time.
Lack of support from operators. You rarely see or hear from operators. Some exchanges do not even list the names of their team members, this is dangerous and unethical. The Bitmora team supports the underlying Blockchain technology and is excited about the opportunities it provides. You will soon see us at conferences around the world to promote Bitmora and Blockchain technology itself. We want both Bitmora and Blockchain to grow together.

Your Sound Problem
Our team works every day to reach out to people to see what features you think are included in the exchange, and we listen with an open mind.

Security Driven
Security at our exchange is very important to us. We are dedicated to providing the best security we can to ensure no funds are lost.

Corporate network
Days of seeing the loading screen when you click "Sell" has expired. Our system works with lightning fast speed to ensure you get the price you want.
Built by you
Bitmora is the first exchange that allows the community to choose user suggestions for new features. Vote on polls and be proud when you see it live by knowing that you are helping through it!

Fully Legal
Bitmora Inc. is a fully registered C-Corp in the US, according to MSB with FinCEN, and backed by a strong bank deal.

Modern Interface
Whether you use your desktop or mobile device, you can trade, analyze and control your investments. We make it easy for beginners, but also effective for experienced users.

Special support
Our support team is dedicated and measurable. We guarantee fast ticket response time and offer direct support to the phone when we open.

Our cold storage funds will be distributed worldwide in some undisclosed locations. We provide regular audits, corporate DDoS protection, and ensure funds are safely protected by many access control systems and software.
Financial Transparency
Download our monthly financial data and see all the fees we receive in tandem with monthly volumes redeemed for all pairs. Your trust is very important to us.
Innovative Costs
We are all tired of paying silly fees. That is why we introduce a revolutionary cost system that was never used by earlier cryptococcal exchange. You can choose between two systems, and depending on the type and volume of your trade, one system may be more affordable than others.
Fixed Price - $ 7 + 0.03% Takers / 0.01% Makers
Percentage Based - 0.24% Taker / 0.14% Creator (what is used by all other exchanges)
The main advantage of a fixed cost system is that it serves clients with higher volumes. This is a system of interest by stock traders and investors.
Bitmora Objectives:

• Revolutionize the crypto-currency system.
• Include a voting system for a better and more reliable future crypto currency exchange.
• Launch the world's best iOS and Android App for crypto-currency that will house their trading system and voting system.
Build Bitmora:

In May 2017, Colton Brister, Elias Mansour, Joseph Dagostino made their dream project "Bitmora" right. They are the founders of Bitmora. They are building a service that allows users to globally exchange crypto-currency.
Step Extreme Bitmora:

• Controls on System Costs: Current exchange charges are not acceptable at this time. Bitmora's first goal was to control the fee system. This step greatly affects the crypto exchanger. With such a great look and that, Bitmora wants to give users the opportunity to choose one option in their cost plan. There are two options: fixed rate or basic percentageages. Users can change options at any time by contacting their support team.

Bitmora Security:

Security is the most important thing in everything. Bitmora also provides important security. They will continue to monitor eveything from their servers to cold storage 24/7/365, without any pause. Their cold storage will be stored in an outdoor, undisclosed location with security at all times. There will be no automation software to connect their cool wallets and hot purses. And also their employees, they will also remain under high security screening. To find out about their security visit

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