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Tuesday, 26 December 2017


Welcome to my article
Now I will discuss the ongoing ICO ESR wallet

Well let's get to know, WHAT IS ESR Wallet?

The Wallet ESR project has become a trusted work platform, and they plan to offer the world's population in the world to create electronic wallets in USD and EUR and issue a virtual or plastic VISA / Mastercard debit card for it.

This service is actively in demand by residents for several reasons:

Unlike settlement accounts, state-dependent service fees and banks averaging $ 20 per month, these electronic wallets are also more efficient and are serviced for free.
There is an option to open virtual cards, which are much cheaper than plastic cards, for those who use bank cards exclusively for online purchases.
The electronic wallet is open to everyone and its easy supply and manufacture, regardless of its credit history.
In addition, for our users, we introduce the microloans service, which sets us apart from other electronic purses.

Since the launch of this project in June 2017, more than 3000 plastic listed cards were issued, which indicate the relevance of our services

Wallet ESR company registered in UAE - one of the few countries with clear regulatory positions regarding ICO and cryptocurrency

Personal Multicurrency Wallet Card will be released free of charge and sent to residential address for every investor who bought more than 20 tokens within 60 days after ICO.

The ESR Wallet Team has more than 300 ATMs in the US. This network will be extended to other countries. Cash withdrawal through your own ATM network is free of charge for Wallet ESR card holders.


The ESR Wallet Fund raises funds for technical reengineering of Blood and Credit Service Payments and marketing campaigns to promote it. For this purpose, the funds issue ESR Tokens tokens (ESRs), which are smart contracts based on Ethereal.

Given the great interest in this project from investors, our team decided to pre-sell 2,000,000 tokens at a 50% discount. The date of sale for this token is set for September 25, 2017 and will last for 7 days. Countdown to start of sale is set at

The ESR sign is a smart contract with ESR Wallet. The token holder is entitled to share in the profits of the ESR Wallet Payment Service. Section 30% of the profits are distributed to all issued tokens. Token is released along with eToken contract and written in Solidity programming language.

The Wallet ESR Foundation is a company regulated by UAE subject to legislation and audits. This ensures transparency of actions and safe deposit of funds.


The ESR token is released under the e-Token contract. The number of tokens is limited to 10,000,000. After ICO, all unsold tokens will be destroyed, no next generation will happen.

eToken is an intelligent Ethereum contract written using the Solidity programming language. This allows you to issue tokens on the Ethereum network and provides various features:

Implementation of ICAP4 for multilevel routing.
Account recovery in the event of a lost key.
Permit and tolerance system.
Ethereal commission commission replacement automatically.
Built-in exchange for Ether currency.
Able to establish commissions for transactions. eToken also supports EIP205, also known as API standard contract. Compatibility with EIP20 ensures that integration with exchange and other services will not be more difficult than other tokens based on Ethereal.


What makes this Project a success is the team. The ESR wallet is led by two narrow specialists in the fields of fintech and blockchain, as well as by managers with great managerial and organizational experience in building international companies.

We are one of the few companies that withdraw funds not under projects that are disconnected from reality, only on paper, but for the finalization of existing prospective services already have a client base.


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