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Sunday, 3 December 2017

[ICO] IndaHash: Using Influencer As Media for Marketing

IndaHash: Using Influencer As Media for Marketing

indaHash is a company with technology that harnesses the power of social influencers in helping companies market their products. It connects influencers with brands looking for influencers to promote their products to their friends and followers. indaHash manages the life cycle of influencer management; from recruitment to quality control of marketing and payment.

indaHash launched ICO to keep up with industry in influencer marketing. This token will empower greater cooperation in brand ecosystems, influencers and followers. ICO participants have the opportunity to get this token, before they live in the influencer ecosystem. Pre-ICO will commence on 8 November 2017 and end on November 15, 2017.

Influencer Marketing

The influencer method for one from an expensive and inefficient marketing campaign; Using influencers in some campaigns is far more cost-effective. However, few companies are constantly running marketing campaigns that do not have enough jobs for influencers to stay involved. Optimization of influencer marketing brings the following benefits:

Retailers can count on a constant stream of income and work, so they prefer to work with an influencer platform rather than an individual company.

The influencer platform provides different opportunities, allowing influencers to be more creative by marketing different products.

Influencer will have an incentive to create content and garner a larger following, to become famous. The following will be captured in the rankings of influencers. This rating will show their value on the indaHash platform.

Influencers have an incentive to try the products they are promoting, because their income depends on their viewers' trust. Influenza marketing will be a filter to get rid of products that offer lower value.

Today influencers get paid a few weeks after they do the work, indaHash tokens will allow direct payment of Influencer.


indaHash is the first major marketing brand to have its own crypto, this means that knowledge of cryptococcus, blockchain and tokenisation spread to consumers. In the long run this will have a compound network effect on indaHash tokens and other cryptocurrencies. indaHash is a B2B business (business to business) model; clients will be able to pay for their marketing campaigns in toda.Influencer's token will be able to create their own personal token with indaHash Coins. This has a double effect; regulators will see cryptocurrencies as a means to grow the economy and these companies will also lobby their respective governments to adopt a friendly attitude toward tokenisasi and crypto in the region.

indaHash campaign

This campaign can be paid at FIAT and indaHash Coins. According to white paper FIAT will be converted to indaHash Coins. But shareholders, tax officers and other service providers that the company will use will pay FIAT. indaHash needs to balance this carefully so that all parties are involved on their part.

The technology behind IndaHash Coin is very complex, and will take time to be tested and implemented in their Android and iOS apps. There may be time delays and bottlenecks in the implementation process. Influencers can issue their own tokens for their audience. There may be 1000 of these unique token influencers. It is unclear whether this token is an ERC20 token and if ETH gas will be needed to move this token. The current dilator working for indaHash requires training to enable them to understand the benefits of this token. The process is not difficult, but influencers will be asked to study the new dynamics of this ecosystem.

Let us know how IndaHash Coin will work. Here we have three parties namely Brands, Influencer and Audience. The brand uses the Indahash coin to the influencer. After receiving a beautiful coin from a brand influencer can exchange their coins with a brand product and receive a discount when shopping, how interested are you to this discussion? klw not read more. The diluent can reward their followers with their token and also subscribe, follow or like their posts and if the informer wants to give a gift, he can reward with their own tokens. Influencers can create their own tokens on the Indahash platform and can use tokens on their profiles to improve their ads. A brief summary of how it works; Influencers on their phones receive a notification to join the campaign. If Influencers are interested then they will then fill out a form for a pen .

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