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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

[ICO] LH crypto

Welcome to my blog
This time I will discuss about Larson & Holz Crypto.
The current cryptococcal market, as a new way of producing, is always newborn and is in the step of growth. This gives someone a chance to earn money together by investing in crypto and along with trade - it does not require a large financial investment and and along with a little science people have the ability to know this field. Larson & Holz's company proposed a new solution in the field of income on crypto-cardiac, he has developed the world's first crypto crypto LH project. We've spoken along with the Executive Director of Larson & Holz's internal audit - Alexander Smirnov, to find out what a crypto broker is and what revenue opportunities he gives to his users and investors.

Alexander, will you tell me a bit about Larson & Holz's corporate activities. What exactly and who is working with?

The Larson & Holz company is a financial company. We work with an audience we call merchants. The trading community is quite big, the attitude towards it is too different. I think many people have their own experience together with financial markets in Russia and abroad. We specialize in classical markets - stock markets, currency markets, we work in the Forex market and along with binary options.

What is the main idea of ​​your Lh-Crypto project?

To realize the essence of our project, I want to start with some background. On September 9, we applied cryptographic as a financial instrument that works with conventional currency, stocks and commodities traded on major financial markets. Of course, this laid the groundwork for some of our ideas, so it did not take long to see its implementation. On October 23, the magazine "CoinJournal" posted the first crypto broker creation project, and this information began actively spreading on the Internet. The next day we were interviewed by Mr. Jan Art, who is Vice President of the Bank of Russia, and is also one of the analysts and experts of the State Duma Committee on financial markets.

What is the essence of your project?

Within the framework of our project, we not only want to disseminate information about financial markets, giving people the opportunity to acquire speculative operations. In our project, we propose the most conservative scheme, because we know that in most cases, financial markets have a high risk. We entered the market under the name "LHCoin - token with monthly income from brokerage operations." We offer the following to investors: with the help of energy traders, who is everywhere, and this is a special class of people, to Give clients the most conservative opportunity to earn income, and earnings are guaranteed. And we have placed it on the record that our first year's income level will be 20% of the funds invested, and with this projection we have put the company's reputation on the line because of the amount of trust we have about our Company project has been in existence for over 20 years (in the Russian market since 2004).

LHCoin - revenue from operating activities
Larson & Holz's big broker created a special LHCoin Preico for LHCrypto. An entirely new token, capable of producing an investment return of at least 20% per annum.
Naturally, investors accept the profit that is formed because the growth of the exchange rate bought token, and the quote time falls, no earnings. Taking into account that ICO LHCoin is based on the smoothness of a profitable brokerage business, this project assumes all hazards and assures token profitability for investors against a rate of at least 20% per annum.
Income lost, if necessary, will be added towards the end of th. of the broker's operating income and deposited against the investor's special account. The funds received can be used by the investor for his or her personal desires; and as you can see, 20% revenue will be accepted, and this is real money!

Token Larson & Holz

Larson & Holz used Ethrum Blockchain technology with the name LH coin token. with the price LH = 0.1 $ or about 0.00033 ETH.
ICO Larson & Holz

Pre ICO Larson & Holz will begin on November 30, 2017 and end on December 3, 2017
The token price is about 0.1 $ = 1LH coin
The number of tokens to be released is 20 000 000 LHCoins

Pre ICO Larson & Holz will begin on December 4, 2017 and end on 31 December 2017
ICO will last for 4 weeks

The token price is about 0.1 $ = 1LH coin
The number of tokens that will release as many as 50 000 000 LHCoin

Post ICO
The ICO Larson & Holz post will begin on January 1, 2017 and end on 31 January 2017
The bonus will be distributed on February 1, 2018, after the ICO POST phase ends.
If we collect less than 1 000 000 $, then all funds invested will be returned to investors and the project will be closed.

How much funding do you expect to attract the attention of this crowd?

The minimum amount we want to lift is a million dollars and we have a maximum limit of about 50 million. We aim to use the realized funds to realize the dream of our project that gives investors the opportunity to earn passive income at the same time.


How will LHCoins be sold?

LHCoin sales period on ICO is divided into 3 parts: ongoing PreICO, ICO, and Post-ICO, when tokens are ready to enter the stock market. The token price will be determined by the funds collected in PreICO. However, if we do not reach this 1,000,000 USD amount, according to our smart contract based on the Ethereal platform, these funds will automatically be returned to all our tokens buyers. So here there is no risk. However, we will set the initial value of the token as per the funds accumulated in PreICO. The formula is simple: the collected amount is divided into 200,000 tokens. However, we guarantee that the price of the first token will not be under 10 US cents. Furthermore, with the development of the situation in ICO, within 1 month, it will artificially increase the token value by 5%, 10%, 15% and 21%. And than we have the program "Early Bird Bonus". According to this program, everyone who has purchased a token in PreICO and in the first week ICO will receive income in ethereum from people who enter our token market on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th week. Thus, the project allows its investors to have income in the ethereum in their wallets immediately, without waiting for the start of the project. This is why we divided our project into 3 parts, we say that PreICO participants will get the best price.

What are the terms and conditions for LHCoin entry in the stock market?

It depends on the amount we collect during PreICO. Ideally, we would like to launch our token on the stock exchange within 3 to 6 months.

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