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Saturday, 20 January 2018

[ICO] BITMORA - Not Just Listen to People, But Also Make Ideas Real.

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How does the Service build Bitmora?

Bitmora allows users to globally exchange cryptocurrency and vote on the framework on which the exchange will be built. The current cryptocurrency exchange generates a market worth $ 100 billion, but we find that even the largest exchanges do not have the technology and social framework needed to meet the needs of their ever-changing users. Bitmora is set to host fully functional mobile apps, support staff of the phone over time, and an established user voting system to give users tremendous trading experience.


You may not know, but there is a silent war that continues in the world of ciptocurrency. This is a war waged above the crypto exchange market share, and the battleground is which exchange will first offer the most complete package. A package that meets the needs of consumers.
The exchange can be spelled out what makes the crypto world in the world change. Without them, the market will not be able to operate. Stock market share is not trivial, because a lot of money is at stake. However, the competition is very tight because there are more exchanges in the market than you can sway. In short, we recommend that you have a good value proposition at this time if you feel you deserve a place on the table.
To compete, new businesses generally embrace a tried and true strategy of "one-upping" your competitors. As a result, witnessing the adult exchange industry is almost like watching the Game of Thrones, where the exchange tries to find the right combination of skills that will win the hearts of customers and the Iron Throne. That combination could mean better marketing budgets, interfaces, or just a few items that represent a better overall package. This escalation is naturally occurring within the maturing industry. We know it's usually "progress." This is a good thing because consumers are the big winners after the dust settles.

Bitmora ( — the world’s first digital exchanger (exchange), created by the users themselves, with a completely new, revolutionary exchange system. With a fixed or interest commission to choose from, for large and small investors. Support and development of the project is planned to be carried out completely relying on the opinion of the community. By voting, any, even minimal, changes and additions will be made to both the web-based platform and the fully-functional mobile application.
In the basic version of the platform, the developers guarantee:
• Instant, round-the-clock technical support response (a call from the application with a single click).
• Customizable price alerts in real time both in the application and on the web platform.
• Support for QR code for quick and convenient replenishment / withdrawal of funds from a trading account.
• Simplified and extended versions of the user interface.
At the time of the start, Bitmora will have all the necessary functionality for convenient and full-fledged trading in the crypto currency market.
Vote for the coins that will be added to the exchange can be here
But of course not voting with round-the-clock technical support make this project unique in the system of charging for the exchange transaction (purchase / sale), which was previously not used by any exchanger or exchange of crypto-currencies:
Fixed Price — $7 + 0.03% Takers / 0.01% Makers
Percentage Based — 0.24% Takers / 0.14% Makers
And at any time you can change the type of commission payment from one to another. Fixed payment will be especially interesting for customers with large volumes of trade.

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