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Thursday, 11 January 2018

[ICO] LaLa World : For migrants and families not reported in Addressing Gaps

LaLa World: For migrants and families not reported in Addressing Gaps


LALA means happy, and that's the goal we want to achieve - financially, freely, financially, and financially accessible to more than 2 billion people underserved and under-served.

Lala is about migrants and their families without bank accounts. This is ECOSYSTEM enabled by LALA Wallet as PLATFORM, a single sign-on platform that revolves around issues and issues. Employment issues, digital IDs, communities, government-NGO partnerships, health issues and, of course, new financial ecosystems for low-income populations, use the blockchain revolution to bridge the gap between the monetary, digital and crypto worlds.


LALA World ("LALA") is a healthy ecosystem for people with less income, starting with migrants and their families at home. The ecosystem is not just about financial inclusion, it also brings grassroots communities together, solves real-life problems of the population and uses the most advanced technology to combine them.

The key to LALA's success is its experienced team and global network and partnership. We believe that in the end, it's all about execution. With relevant experience in managing such projects, existing monumental partnerships, our great technology team behind and ground level support, we believe that we are blessed to get everyone together for LALA.


We believe that the economy works best when it works for everyone. This new platform is an inclusion machine.

Well The LalaWorld Features



LALA Wallet is your primary access to all financial services in the LALA ecosystem. You have several options to complete and pay, save Fiat or some crypto currency, with a wealth of financial services like money transfers, loans, bill payments, cards and other normal banking products at your fingertips. LALA's wallet also lets you share microprojects around the world, identify problems, suppress flaws and build your own community, creating a true ecosystem that transcends all human beings.

local and global remittances globally supported by crypto and also local and global remittances.
Through shipping on Exchange using LALA Exchange, Fiat and Digital remittance. For an efficient, cheaper and faster remittance service globally.

Peer-to peer and domestic lending for peer lending through crypto and fiat, Individual and business. Peer for Peer and EMI-based loans for small business and micro entrepreneurship projects Lala lends:
Micro loans, P2P loans and Community-based projects for eg small solar farms in remote villages) or small reseller loans based on their sales.

Crypto and Fiat cards are synced to your Wallet and can be used on millions of PoS cards globally.Debit, Credit and Loyalty in One Card.
Prepaid Cards are synced to LALA Wallet that can be displayed on PoS, ATM or online.

LALA Wallet users can choose to order LALA cards, virtual and / or physical debits (and on future credit cards)

Contains mobile phone with LALA Pre-loaded Wallet, LALA Insurance, LALA Card, Partner products etc. The software meets the hardware.
Physically marketed plug and play kits are sold in stores and delivered to people like migrant workers who have insurance, mobile & other cards.
The above product, in some form or form has been launched in various jurisdictions.

MOU and definitive agreements are signed in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Products like LALA Insurance, LALA Wealth, LALA ATM's, LALA FORCE, LALA Franchise etc. are all planned after 12 months.

We're currently on track to create a global Wallet for underbanked. The road maps and plans are further detailed in the sections below.

Then About ICO


1 ETH will buy 1000 Token LALA

LALA intends to collect 150,000 ETHER

The pre-ICO sales period will take place from 15 November 9 PM (SGT), Singapore time to 10-9 December (SGT), Singapore time. This includes retail and institutional participation, including Pre-ICO Bonus.
The Response & Review Period will run from December 11 to 31, 2017. It includes feedback, implementation, launch in several countries, many partnerships, PoC, testing and other important news in various countries.
LALA Metal Offer Offer ("ICO") will commence on 5 January 2018, 9:00 (SGT) Singapore Time and end on 5 February 2018, 9:00 (SGT).
Ether, BTC, LTC and other cryptocurrencies can be donated and converted into LALA Token.

LALA intends to accumulate 150,000 ETH for further development, development and other growth activities.

That is a total of 150 million LALA Tokens to be shared with these investors.
LALA will create a further 100 million LALA Tokens during this ICO with a total of 250 million LALA Tokens ("Number of Tokens Made").
Distribution of Token is as follows:
60% of Total Tokens Created will be distributed at ICO Crowdsale.
15% Total Tokens Created during ICO will be allocated to LALA founders, previous investors, technology teams, existing and upcoming Token employees locked in a pro-rated smart contract for a minimum of 6 months.

10% of Total Tokens Created during ICO will be provided to consultants, consultants, community developers and will be locked in a pro-rated smart contract for 6 months, unless specifically approved.

15% of LALA's supply will be credited to the reserve, but not issued. This will be available as a mechanism to sell additional tokens, but may never be issued, depending on future circumstances.
In addition, LALA World will buy back LALA in exchange and open market 20% NET transaction fee from LALA Wallet.

LALA repurchased will be used for community development, referrals and other social causes to reward investors and users.
The maximum LALA Token to be sold during Pre-ICO - 50% or 125 mln
During the Pre-ICO period from 15 November to 10 December 2017, up to 50% LALA Tokens (or 125 million LALA) will be issued to complete the initial version of LALA Dompet in November 2017.

The objective of Pre-ICO is to create a discussion on issues raised by this project, to attract the attention of leading industry experts, and to raise funds to prepare for project promotion and public relations, and to prepare quality ICOs.
During Pre-ICO, we will offer the following bonus tokens for early adopters and investors:
For clarity, bonus above Token will be allocated above.
For example if you bought 50 ET from November 15-20,
You will receive 50,000 Token LALA plus 12500 other Tokens as bonuses (representing 25% of your 50,000 Token purchases), resulting in 62,500 Tokens.
All funds during ICO and pre-ICO will be stored in multi-signature address, with multi-key structure This multi-signature account key will survive with LALA, Sankalp Shangari and Investors or Advisers to be selected close to the ICO date.
There is a minimum purchase amount of 10 Token LALA per purchase or 10/1000 Esther = 0.01ETH.

Any person who buys a minimum of 50 ETH or higher quality Tokens in Pre-ICO or during the ICO process will get:
Exclusive LALA Kits when launched in Q1 2018
100 LALA Tokens to nominate for their chosen charity project


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