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Friday, 26 January 2018


Crypto Investment With AI Technology?

Introducing "Savedroid"

 What is Savedroid?

At FinTech Germany the award-winning prize specializing in artificial intelligence ("AI") has been customized for your crypto investment
Savedroid will create a unique AI ecosystem of crypto investments for Users to gain profit and easier access to AI's crypto investment plan.

 Here is designed to support "Bitcoin, Ethereal, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, IOTA, Dash, Stellar, etc. and superior crypto".

investment opportunities, such as portfolios, derivatives, and ICOs, without anything
the barriers to adoption of savedroid technology eliminate complexity and process by creating an Intelligent User Experience ("UX"), which automatically invests crypto, stores it securely, and makes it accessible, tradable and commendable. 

Therefore, savedroid is the first ICO of germany
savedroid will leverage the existing core assets of the cutting edge AI technology
and great UX based on maximum simplification and emotional gamification
give this exceptional value proposition. In fact, savedroid is the first ICO of a German stock company that follows German rules and regulations to be given the highest level of safety.

Savedroid is the right player to make it happen: Founded in Q4 2015 in Frankfurt / Germany, savedroid has built a proven track record of its ability to simplify traditional financial saving processes and encourage mass market adoption.

About the Savedroid Platform

Saving money does not feel like a cool thing to do, especially not for the young. This Savedroid changed this by connecting the action of saving with people's lifestyles. With corporate ICO, this approach is now extended to cryptocurrencies.
Many people know that it makes sense to get rid of money - in theory. Desire needs financing. But in real life, saving is pretty boring and difficult and has a big drawback: putting money aside for big targets in the future prevents me from buying lots of small items right away.

Savedroid Concepts and Services
Many ideas and ideas are emerging to provide the best service in an industry. Many companies are competing to gain the sympathy and appeal of their users. Meanwhile, the approach designed by the Savedroid platform on this issue has three important parts:
First, Create a system that is as easy as possible. With an application that can easily be installed and get through everybody's mobile phone. This way, it will certainly make it easier for everyone who wants to have this service Savedroid.

Second, the Savedroid platform makes the system run automatically and simpel.Semuanya completely automated and does not provide meaningful difficulty for its users.
Third, With the application in the mobile phone, then when you want to use live press the buttons available in the application. This is a great way to increase the number of their crypto assets by routinely storing and saving in this service.
Savedroid award-winning algorithm is based on a little "if-then-rules", called smooves. First, users set personal austerity targets, things they want to buy but can not afford right now. Then they define the events that trigger the austerity process.
For example, you could say: I want to save 5 euros every time I run as far as at least 3 kilometers. Because storage apps connect to your fitness tracker, notice them every time you jog. And since the storage application also connects to your bank account, it will transfer money to your savings account. Just like that, automatic and without you need to do anything.
By the way, the most successful smoove goes like this: Every time someone tweet, put 1 euro into my savings account. Some users have been able to save for some very nice things with the help of this smoove.

Sale of Savedroid Token
Savedroid's main sales (ICO) will run from 9 February to 9 March 2018. During this period, 55 percent of the total 10 billion tokens will be offered. There is a minimum target of 50,000,000 tokens. If this rate is not reached at the end of the primary sale, all payments will be refunded, less any fees depending on the method of payment (credit card or blockchain charge).
The minimum number of tokens per subscription is 1000. There is also a maximum of 10,000,000 tokens per subscription. Investors can be assured that there will be no tokens created after ITS is complete. Any tokens not sold on ITS will be burned. In addition, savedroid will use deflation mechanisms, as suggested by Vitalik Buterin, once they are used in the savedroid ecosystem. This procedure helps the token to become more scarce and support its value.

Crypto Service
We will transfer successful products and added value successfully saved into the world of cryptocurrency that enables savvy and convenient savings and investment crypto. To eliminate the barriers of adoption and make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone, savedroid will provide all the tools needed for its users: tools to buy cryptocurrency, to store cryptocurrency, to spend cryptocurrency, and to invest in cryptocurrency. Of course, popular smooves will also be available so users can not just automatically save them fiat but directly on crypto that does not have to bother anymore!

The final design of the following crypto tools is at its own discretion from the savedroid and can be customized or not offered at all, depending on other factors, on new technical trends, user demands, availability of business partners, and changes in the regulatory environment
Save and conveniently store Crypto - savedroid will extend the proven self-learning AI saving algorithm from fiat to cryptocurrency.

Smart savings and expenditure in and around cryptocurrency - AI selfroid learning algorithm savedroid will allow users to intelligently divert their savings between crypto and also easily spend their crypto savings to fulfill their desired desires in the merchants of their choice.
Intelligent investment in cryptocurrency, derivative, and ICO portfolios - To provide a cost-effective and diverse return opportunity, the savedroid will allow users to easily invest their savings in crypto.

Details of Token Sales
Token Sales Schedule
9 February - 9 March 2018
Purchase Token
Token Price
100 SVD = €1
Total Supply Token SVD


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