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Sunday, 4 February 2018


Secure Important Data on Blockchain using DIW Token

Secure important data on blockchain using DIW
More than a hundred people also, access the internet every day for various purposes. Social Media, business, transactions, education, work even call a taxi can be done using the internet. All we need to know is that all our data data that we type in a column on the website website, is important data that could be misused by others. Sensitive data such as account password, ATM PIN, Credit Card data and others may be freely published by someone who is not responsible. It’s all because of a user error that can not Secure important data on blockchain.

Introducing DIW Platform
DIW (Digital Identification Wallet) is a blockchain based platform that helps you to secure important data such as passwords, PINs, account data and all other valuable data by encrypting the data and then stored in a safe. The DIW platform uses blockchain technology, so that all running systems will be fully decentralized, meaning that no one is hiding the data except you. Data stored in a decentralized safe, encrypted to ensure security can only be accessed by the owner of the safe only. DIW can be an alternative for everyone, especially community cryptocurrency even ordinary individuals or organizations that have a virtual life that must be secured.
DIW will also develop and supply Hardware Wallet which will provide extra security for members who subscribe premium member. Everyone who wants to ensure the most crucial, critical, sensitive and important data can be safely stored on DIW Network. As a member you can resume transactions between members, exchanging information — including sensitive data, and services. A smart contract-based escrow service will be displayed. Members can also register themselves to the DIW Global directory that reaches the entire network.
Blockchain is a digital technology that can record data and store it in a publicly distributed ledger. In the digital era like this, blockchain technology began to be adopted by various state institutions because it has the best transparency. All the data on the blockchain is very possible to run publicly. In addition, blockchain also has a high security system, so the data stored on the blockchain, can be sure the data is safe without being able to be hidden in secret. All data that has been entered in blockchain also can not be changed or manipulated and will be stored on the ledger distributed forever.
DIW Token and Token Sale / ICO
DIW Token is the official digital currency issued by the DIW platform that can be used to enjoy the services provided by the DIW platform. DIW Token type ERC20 produced from Smart Contract Ethereum network. DIW Token issued for sale to everyone who wants to support DIW platform to stand. DIW Tokens are also included in the DIW Platform ecosystem and play an important role, because DIW Token is used as a fuel for all users to enjoy the services available on the DIW platform.

DIW Token Sale / ICO
Token Sale or ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a fundraising event by selling new tokens or coins to raise capital to establish a platform or project. DIW Token Sale or DIW ICO means selling DIW Token to potential users or community of cryptocurrency who want to support DIW platform standing.
Some information that you can note about DIW Token Sale or DIW ICO is as follows:

Token Name: DIW
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 DIW
ICO Allocation: 700,000,000 DIW
Unsold Token: Burned
Minimum Purchase: 0.05 ETH
Whitelist: Visit for Whitelist registration
Crowdsale ICO Target: 76750 ETH
Token Price:
First Phase: 1 DIW = 0.000085 ETH or equivalent to 0.115 USD
Second Phase: 1 DIW = 0.000095 ETH or equivalent to 0.128 USD
Phase Third: 1 DIW = 0.000105 ETH or equivalent to 0.141 USD
Phase Four: 1 DIW = 0.000115 ETH or equivalent to 0.155 USD
Phase Five: 1 DIW = 0.000120 ETH or equivalent to 0.161USD
Phase Six: 1 DIW = 0.000125 ETH or equivalent to 0.169 USD

For more information, regarding the update of the ICO period, waiting for an announcement from the official DIW Platform website, at

Services provided by DIW Platform
Some services that will be available to users and DIW Token holders are divided into five phases. And the first phase will start after DIW Token Sale or DIW ICO completed and successfully implemented

Secure Digital Vault

DIW ICO Price — — Secure Important Data on Blockchain using DIW Token In the first phase, DIW Platoform will provide a safe to users who want to secure their important data. This data can be a bank account, login account, private key, password, will, and other data that is a virtual wealth. So storage on this safe will guarantee that data can not be stolen by anyone. The data stored on the safe will also be encrypted for extra security and can only be accessed using a key that is owned only by the owner.
In addition to safely storing data, the DIW Platform also allows its use to enjoy the file sharing features of the safe. So users can exchange data with others as agreed.
For those who want to enjoy this feature, you must set up DIW Token as a fee, Document such as ID Card or Passport for KYC verification or agency documents to perform KYS.

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