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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

[ICO] SANDBLOCK - Protocol to connect brands & customers

Sandblock (PreICO)

Protocol to connect brands & customers

Recent years have seen a large number of technological innovations that have a direct impact on the lives of consumers. We can now use apps to order food, walk, find dates and other things. But this innovation primarily changes the way consumers access these services, and rarely the way they are built.
One of the most significant innovations in the last decade is undoubtedly a blockchain, a platform where contracts with crypto and smart contracts are built. Blockchain is revolutionary because it allows peer transactions, without requiring them to trust each other or third parties acting as arbitrators.

Features of the Sandblock project
Explore the applications being built on top of the Satisfaction protocol. All those applications will be available for everyone within the consortium.

Businesses · One click subscription
We provide our expertise in blockchain and cryptocurrencies to enable businesses to enjoy the power of the Satisfaction protocol with a classic subscription using fiat currencies.
By subscribing, businesses can implement all the services below in one click and let us purchase Satisfaction tokens, create their Branded tokens and manage it for them.
Eliminating the complexity of the blockchain for businesses which don't have the technical expertise is a key element in the technology adoption.

The benefits are important: transactions are pseudonymous, require very little personal information, no people and nothing can prevent two co-workers on the network to trade together, and they do not need to trust each other, just accept the contract that defines the transaction.
The benefits and promises of a world in which trade is decentralized, free from intermediary barriers and trust, has driven the development of continuous blockchain technology to improve the products and services we rely on every day. .

Today, we would like to introduce such improvements.
Currently, we want to introduce Sandblock, a service that aims to redefine the relationship between business and customers, utilizing blockchain technology to make customer satisfaction and loyalty a reality, not a reflection. after the fact

How does Sandblock work?
Sandblock is based on a decentralized protocol on Ethereal Blockchain, the Satisfaction Protocol, to ensure that all participants can benefit and prevent one actor to concentrate too much and thus bend the system to his advantage.
Every Merchant partner who wants to use the Satisfaction Protocol creates his own Crypto (Merchant Token) to reward their customers for their engagement. The Merchant Token is initiated by purchasing a Satisfaction Token (SAT) which is a tradable token ERC20, has limited inventory and will be made when the sale of public goods (ICO).

Pay using cryptourrency
Use another Ether, Bitcoin or Crypto to make a purchase and get it automatically with both merits and a Merchant Token! Each of the following purchases is taken into account, and customer loyalty will be rewarded with Merchant Tokens.
Verified feedback
The customer then gets a chance to rate and comment on the business customer's experience, or even fill out a survey sent by the Merchant and be rewarded with a Merchant Tokens.
Autonomy Loyalty Program
No more wallets full of loyalty cards for complex programs, wasting your time, or more attractive to businesses than customers.
Instead, enjoy easy-to-use and tradable loyalty points, whenever you participate in the Merchant loyalty program, you automatically receive a Merchant Token!
Merchant Token = Satisfaction Token
Merchant Tokens can not be traded unless SATs is! Obtain a Merchant Token and then redeem it for goods and services or convert it to SAT and then redeem it, convert it to another currency, or buy another token from another Merchant!

Why Sandblock?

The whole relationship between the company and the customer is unbalanced and hurts both sides. Companies that provide good products or services often fail because they are not found by enough customers, while bad business can last long if they play the system well.

And if possible reward customers with transparency to provide an honest explanation of their experience?

The loyalty program is a mess. They are implemented differently in each company, relying on different mechanisms and offering the most unnecessary rewards. Rare loyalty programs that offer decent rewards are complex enough to allow the entire industry to earn money by explaining how to play them, as can be seen with the airline miles program. Most people can not waste their time and money learning how to take advantage of programs that should reward them for sponsoring a business. And if there are too many loyalty programs, talk about more!


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