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Friday, 9 March 2018



Selfllery is a multifunctional social platform that allows you to receive payments in crypto for social activities that you engage in, related to the publication and distribution of visual content. The product concept and version was originally designed in early 2016. The selfllery reward system uses an ERC20 token built on Ethereal blockchain technology.

Social media platforms are the main channel for publishing and promoting digital photos, while at the same time, they are one of the Internet traffic sources for advertisers. Therefore, the cost of social media marketing amounts to a significant portion of overall marketing spending in the company. The share of social media spending in marketing budgets is expected to increase by 9.8% to 18.5% compared to the following year.

the innovative social platform SELFLLERY is based on the same technology!
This is not an ordinary social resource with the possibility of acquiring visual content, but a platform that provides an opportunity for its users to earn money on unique photos and videos that will gather maximum user involvement in the form of likes, comments, and views.
The relevance and prospects of SELFLLERY’s scaling
Currently, the most famous social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter exclude the possibility of direct earnings for their users for the published photos and videos, not including advertising. Although content creation and promotion of these same leading networks are carried out by their own users, they only have to be content with the likes.
SELFLLERY takes the so-called conditional error in the relations between users and shareholders of companies into account and offers the world a completely different vector of applying the user content. Now everyone can convert likes and comments into cryptocurrency, or more precisely into YOU tokens, which can be converted into cash through Ethereum purse if necessary or used inside the platform.

Mission Selfllery
Selfllery allows people to make their visual content truly reliable. 
The purpose of Selfllery is to create an Associate in Nursing Design that: 
1. allows users to decriminalize their photos, videos and live streams in a highly gamified way; 
2. Support charitable organizations and make simple donations to users; 
3. Provide companies with easy-to-use and effective promotional tools involving 
user photos; 
4. Expand the market of image and video content for corporate and news services, 
with an easy-to-use search function. 
5. Integrate fashionable technology and blockchain capabilities to digital
photography market, increasing transparency and security of its transactions.


The token tokens circulation theme depends on the type of ownership. 
When YOUR token token unit is in hand by the user Done Selfllery: 
1. Your token area unit generated across TGE 
2. User gets YOUR tokens on TGE or on the open market (after TGE expires). 
3. Users use YOUR token to purchase additional Selfllery options, to purchase 
special merchandise in the Selfllery market and different user photos in 
the stock gallery, and additional for charity. 
4. Once the user has purchased an additional SelfLove option, your token area unit is transferred 
to Selfllery and so distributed according to the current settings for the Selfllery 
development platform Once the user gets a different user photo gallery
or special merchandise on the market, YOUR token area unit is transferred from 
buyer to seller, excluding Selfllery fees. 
When your token is in the hands of the Selfllery advertiser: 
1. Your token area unit generated throughout TGE; 
2. Advertiser obtains YOUR token on TGE or on the open market (after TGE expires); 
3. Advertiser uses YOUR token to buy targeted ads in Selfllery; 
4. YOUR token (excluding Selfllery fees) received from the advertiser unit is shared 
among all Selfllery users according to Likes volume and current user rating; 
In addition to paying YOUR token for targeted ads, advertisers will reward your token
prizes for users who win pic contests or full promotional photos. 
Your token flag is limited. Everyday, at the right time, Selfllery distributes 
daily reward funds among all users who have received Likes on the day of reckoning. 
YOUR token token unit is distributed among all ActiveLore users on, as they are the contributer units of the 
selfllery area , and not merely those whose pages are advertising. Many individuals 
use Selfllery, which is very valuable brought to the platform. Therefore, every WHO user 
accepts Like, deserves a bequest. To avoid cheating, the overall variations likes per 
day for a single user are limited

Additional SELFLLERY functions
All internal processes between users of the platform are based on YOU’s token, which provides access to paid functions, as well as the opportunity to donate for charity, purchase goods in the internal marketplace and photos in galleries.
Don’t miss out, TGE starts on the 5th of March and will last until the 26th of March!
Join SELFLLERY via the link:

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