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Thursday, 5 April 2018

[ICO] Transcodium - Platform Media Editing Directly, Transcoding

Transcodium - Platform Media Editing Directly, Transcoding

What exactly is Transcodium?

Transcodium is a decentralized transcription and editing media file. The use case of tokens allows those who have idle devices to lease computing power (in exchange for tokens) and those who need to lease out the power will pay tokens. The workers (leased unemployed computing power) will receive a small snippet of a file, broken down by the Transcodium algorithm, and convert the file into a more compatible format. Stopping workers with more computing power and a better internet connection will get the master node status to do more work. Before the work will begin the estimated cost will be given to prospective customers. I like the idea of an estimate so customers will not be surprised at the cost.

Transcodium begins as a median in 2015 with a platform of visual clouds transcoding and editing media, but we are unable to compete with existing platforms and have to switch to other businesses. By 2016, our team decided to look into the project again using blockchain technology and decentralization. Unlike the previous platform, the Transcodium network will be completely autonomous without human intervention. Verify Transcodium Ltd. Verify Transcodium Ltd. Verify Transcodium Ltd. Verify Transcodium Ltd. here


Here is the proposed solution to the above problem:

● Blockchain and decentralization technology models enable alternative provisioning
     which is cheaper and reliable for cloud transcoding.

● Due to unlimited processing power, all thanks to the workers, the file will be
    transcoded in a very fast speed, eliminating long queues
    and waiting time.

● Single transcoding requests will be processed by multiple nodes and workers,
    so a one node or worker outage will have no effect on
    the process, making it more efficient and time saving.

● Transcoding is not limited to audio and video only, but also file format
     such as pictures and documents.

Transcodium Solutions

Here is the proposed solution to the above problem:
Blockchain and decentralized technology models enable the provision of cheaper and reliable alternatives to cloud transcoding.
Because of its unlimited processing power, all thanks to the workers, the files will be transcoded in very fast speed, eliminating long queues and waiting times.

the existing business is a double-edged sword as far as potential goes. There is always an opportunity for failure in ICO or TGE. I hope Transcodium has learned from past failures, and though their white papers make the case that they have solved their problems at the moment, his theories are fair. Personally I like the idea of ​​being able to use the platform to generate additional revenue by using the computing power of my old device, so I want to see the project be successful.

Recently, the world has seen a tremendous increase in the media industry, from video advertising to streaming media, yet, due to the high cost of cloud transcoding services, it is very challenging for start-up companies and low-budget companies that need it. services.

Since the emergence of cloud technology, the transcoding industry has grown on a very large scale. We are famous for companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vimeo, Youtube, and others, who transcribe terabytes of data every day, investing a large amount of their revenue for media file conversions. The current report also predicts that, by 2019, the transcoding market will grow by 15 percent CAGR globally, reflecting the enormous scope to grow.

Single transcoding requests will be processed by multiple nodes and workers, so a one node or worker outage has no effect The process makes it more efficient and saves time.

Transcoding is not just limited to audio and video only, but also other file formats such as pictures and documents.

Transcodium Token
Token Role - Represents the processing power used for file conversion
Symbol: TNS
Blockchain: Ethereum
Standard Token: ERC20
Supply: 120,000,000 TNS
Sale: 86.4 million TNs
Accepted Currency: ETH, BTC, LTC
Pre Sell Period: 07 / 01/2018 00: 00 UTC to 28/02/2018 00:00 UTC
Minimum goal: $ 500,000 USD
Maximum goal: $ 30,000,000 USD

Utilization of smart contracts will allow transparency on the network, important information such as file duration, the amount initiated and the amount paid to the worker will all be in the ledger. Customers and workers can check how much it costs or get paid for a particular task on the network.

To achieve a better decentralized consensus, the Transcodium network uses a type of proprietary evidence algorithm in which workers are randomly selected based on their portfolio and account age. It helps in selecting workers with a quality processing power that saves time and money.

Evidence of the conversion between the central node and the worker states that, an employee must complete his duties within the given time, during processing the data, the worker sends the developments to the method, the worker must process the data completely before the deadline on the assignment mark will be canceled or inactive and will pay other workers who are preparing to take over.

The deadline is set based on the transcoding activity being done and the size of the processed data. The contract pays the worker after transcoding and sending the file. Work is considered completed after the file is uploaded and verified by the central node. Proof of conversion will be supported by smart contract. Proof of conversion along with stock evidence makes the TNS regulation responsible for creating random selection of workers and balancing between initiators and processors.

How to become a worker?
Once the device downloads the app, it becomes part of the network. The device will then be ranked by strength, this means users with high-powered GPUs will earn more than someone with a basic PC.
Workers will receive 80% of payments in tokens after the task is completed with the other 20% going into the parent node.

Crowd Funding
To help speed up development and also allow the team to work fuller then Transcodium will raise funds for project development, payroll and future costs using the crowdfunding method.

- Project Development (50%)

- Overseas Company Expansion (3%)

- Marketing & Branding (20%)

- Operational Cost (15%)

- Law & Insurance

- Additional Budget

To find out about this project, please visit us below:
Whitepaper :

ANN Thread:;all

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