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Sunday, 1 July 2018

Elysian [ICO] - Sale of Elysian public token

Elysian - Sale of Elysian public token

The sale of the Elysian public token has begun on June 4, 2018 and begins with an impressive start so far. Hard cap Pre-Token Generation (Pre-TGE) is 2,400,000 USD. The Elysian project has garnered about 70% of Pre-TGE hard hats in 48 hours. For the total event so far, soft caps of 3,000,000 USD have been met. This information is visible on the landing page of our website. There is a remaining allocation of about 30% still available to the public before the completion stage. Once the stage is completely sold out, we will not go straight to the real TGE; there will still be a pause until TGE begins on July 08, 2018.

Elysian is an innovative new decentralized platform that Will use the Ethereum blockchain to secure customer data, facilitate E-commerce transactions and drastically change user experience. The combination of smart contracts and blockchain technology will ultimately provide a higher level of security in the realm of E-commerce.
The primary function of the Elysian platform is to revolutionize the entire E-commerce industry by improving security and creating a new, unique user experience. Elysian will be the first E-commerce platform to combine two vital aspects that are necessary for progression of the industry - integrating blockchain to store all customer data securely and using technological advancements such as Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality to help differentiate Elysian from competition in terms of user experience.
The Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality into E-commerce industry will produce efficient website navigation, revolutionary products visualization and unparalleled consumer convenience.Clients will have the ability to use the Elysian platform for their own businesses, providing an upgraded level of functionality. The platform will act as a foundation for other future E-commerce business that will enter space.
Elysian will also give third party agencies the ability to build on top of the Elysian platform to host their current platforms on Elysian platform. This will ultimately strengthen the Elysian ecosystem and provide immediate access to clients bases of other E-commerce platforms, giving them an incentive to switch to the Elysian ecosystem. The Elysian ecosystem will serve as the gateway to a more efficient future powered by blockchain. Continued sustainable growth is only achievable if the current status quo improves. The current industry standard for security and user experience will become obsolete. This process has already started why, because one of the most pressing concerns in the E-commerce industry is the lack of trustworthy cyber security , primarily in the form of identity theft. Thieves can use the information they've acquired to fraudulently perform task in your name, such as filing taxes, purchasing items and credit applications in your name. Meanwhile, the emergence of blockchain technology is beginning to revolutionize the internet. Consequently many business in the E-commerce industry are still unaware of blockchain technology or are content with the current status quo in terms of cyber security.
The alarming number of data are evidence of this. The ability to store customer's data on the blockchain provides a revolutionary new level of security that was nonexistent in the years past.The use of smart contracts also provides another element of trust for customers. The contract that is coded by a developer will store all aspects of the transaction to ensure that there the process goes smoothly. The smart contract will be audited for proper coding. This audit further strengthens the security and legitimacy of the smart contract. Consumers and business will adapt to the advancements that the antiquated technology that currently allows the industry to thrive will practically become extinct.
Elysian is positioned to be one of the very first in the market at the ground floor of the oncoming technological revolution. First mover's advantage plays a crucial role in the success for any business in any market. The ability to set the industry for a standard certain service allows companies to reach out to a large population and gain a significant competitive edge.
The development of a forum , similar to Bitcointalk is the initial foundation to improve interpersonal relations.The forum is also meant for potential partnerships, future ideas for company expansion, and token utilisation.
Members of the community that come up with the ideas on how to improve Elysian, provide an introduction to a partnership, or other relevant tasks can either use their own tokens out of the Elysian growth pool to be allocated for a specific task completion. This will make it possible to fund tasks in an easier manner and promotes creative inputs for community for various ideas to improve the Elysian ecosystem. For more information kindly visit

ROAD MAP 2017+2018
  • The Elysian concept is born
  • The Elysian private events begins, followed shortly by Elysian TGE
  • The concept is in development
    *Team expansion
    *Launch of the official desktop Wallet
  • Launch of the official mobile wallet
To participate in Pre-TGE, visit the Elysian dashboard and create an account and sign in. Then you will have the ability to buy tokens. You'll also have the ability to use your unique reference links to share with friends, visible on the left by clicking on the "References System" tab, and then your links will be visible in the middle of the page. Share this with your friends to get 3% of the contributed amount, and the participants will also receive an additional 2% as well. Participating users will also have the opportunity to earn extraordinary prizes such as:

• Porsche 718 Cayman
• Watch 18 hours Rolex Gold Male or Female
• 5-Star Bahamian Vacation for 2 people (1 week stay)
• 2018 Macbook Pro
• iPhone X

Participants of the referral contest should make a minimum contribution visible in our Medium article on the Reference Program to qualify for the above prizes.

Elysian recently reached 50,000 members in its Telegram group, strengthening its community significantly. You can join the Telegram channel for all kinds of updates related to the Elysian project. In addition, we are seen on the industry's largest ICO project listing platform, along with over 50 YouTube videos made about Elysian. The project is very satisfied with its progress so far and its numbers reflect this.

Most likely there will be a narrow window for participants to enter Pre-TGE before it is completely sold out. Once this happens, TGE will begin, with a hard stamp of 15,000,000 USD. It will start on June 18, 2018 and runs until July 8, 2018. Elysian is dedicated to creating a revolutionary E-commerce platform for E-commerce merchants and consumers to use for revolutionary user experience and enhanced security to create a new, much better environment than the current status quo on Ecommerce. The recent release of some MVPs is a fantastic start in this process.

Elysian has recently partnered with several credible projects in the blockchain space, including:

• AirSwap
• Havven
• Cappasity
• Lamden
• Sether

Each of these projects has completed successful token sales and has phenomenal projects that integrate into the Elysian ecosystem will drastically improve platform performance. A strong partnership is a key factor in the growth of the project that is still in its infancy.

With Pre-TGE almost complete, there is little allocation left for the participants. Elysian is dedicated to promoting responsible behavior during token sales. We request that all participants avoid fraudsters in social media, particularly Telegram, and do not transfer funds to ANYWHERE other than the addresses provided in the Elysian dashboard. There are many imitators out there who are trying to get money from you. Please complete your due diligence and be aware of the fact that this danger exists and is rampant during the sale of tokens like this. Thanks to everyone who supports our project.


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