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Friday, 13 July 2018

ONLINE.IO [ICO] - Digital Data That Will Remove The Internet From Ads, Malware, And Software, Leading To A More Enjoyable And Safe Browsing Experience

Digital Data That Will Remove The Internet From Ads, Malware, And Software, Leading To A More Enjoyable And Safe Browsing Experience

Welcome to my article This time it discusses An Excellent ICO Project in the field of malware and software.

Currently cyberspace has grown very wide, in every place must people know the internet and can not even live without internet access.
Well, Because the Internet already and the online world has become part of everyday life almost every place, now there are also many people who abuse the usefulness of the online world in the internet.
Because it can be accessed by anyone, the person who acts the crime is able to easily send a malware, virus, or even an inappropriate ad.

Therefore The ONLINE - OIO present make the internet and your online world become "MORE FUN & SAFE"

In the website for the website operator it will be a strong online evidence, the numbers that calculate the time users spend on each website.

Well, most importantly, everyone will benefit from a free, secure, and private ad browsing experience. In addition, end users will be able to rate each website based on their experience, using a 1 to 5 star polling system. The stars will then be used to process the data in quality that will be an indication of each
quality websites, provided by visitors. . has developed a good solution in terms of creating a globalized and decentralized ecosystem for safer, faster, and more personal Internet browsing through the platform that works at the risk of blockchain. It should be considered that may be considered one of the earliest users of "Internet of Values". Attracts many institutional investors who are looking for money in the form of ICO - a new way of fundraising through the underlying underlying token of crypto. project. Let's examine this more quickly.

At this time, web users pay to surf the internet, either through subscriptions or through less transparent costs, such as digital ads. In our envisioned environment, web users will enjoy free Internet advertising, while web operators will still benefit from financial rewards.

In today's interconnected society, companies adopt online tracking practices and behavioral profiles that are less transparent. Very sensitive information, such as financial and health records are often collected, resulting in a myriad of privacy concerns. Our solution combines tracking script blocks that will greatly impair the ability to continue tracking in real-time user activity.

The massive expansion of the Internet and high levels of connectivity lead to a similar or even more dramatic increase in cyber attacks aimed at collecting sensitive and confidential information. One of the most prominent ways of doing cyber attacks is through an infected website that usually contains hidden malware scripts. Our solution will protect end users using anti-malware scripts and custom ad blocking that will protect their personal data and improve their security.

People realize that online advertising slows down their browsing speed, so more users are using ad blockers to navigate the internet faster. Through our solutions, end users will benefit from the effects of using ad blockers, while also enjoying a more secure and personalized experience due to other features. In addition, web operators can still monetize their website content.

Our solutions come with extensions for all major desktop and mobile browsers and include ad blockers, script blocking tracking, anti malware, and web wallets. Above, we will integrate a voting system that will help regulate the internet.

🌟OIO Tokens and ICO Terms🌟

As was mentioned before ranking project will be releasing Online Ethereum Token (OIO) serving as the utility and the key cryptocurrency in the decentralized smart network for ensuring smoother transactions in a cost-effective manner as well as for supporting major progress in the development of non-trackable Internet space.
OIO token is based on the Ethereum platform and utilizing new consensus algorithm (PROOF-OF-ONLINE) that does not require powerful hardware resources and optimized for minimum Gas consumption of the Ethereum platform.
Token Generation Event is scheduled to start on June 15th, 2018 and clients and institutional investors will be able to pre-purchase OIO tokens and receive 5 types of bonuses depending on the stage of ICO (see the dates below).
It must be emphasized that withdrawal of OIO tokens received as a bonus will be available only in 90 days after the end of token generation event.


🌟Token Distribution🌟

More OIO token specifications and ICO details:
▶️ TOTAL SUPPLY: 2,500,000,000
▶️ SOFT CAP: $ 5,000,000
▶️ HARD CAP: $ 50,000,000
▶️ OIO TOKEN PRICE: 1 OIO = $ 0.04
▶️ PURCHASE METHOD: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Eth. Classic
▶️ PRESALE START DATE: 15 June 2018
▶️ PUBLIC START DATE: 10 July 2018
▶️ ADJUSTABLE DISTRIBUTION: Unsold and unallocated tokens will be destroyed

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